Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween (Part II)

Halloween 2011 has come and has gone, leaving nothing but a couple of kids who had belly aches the next day, dirty costumes and fond memories -- exactly the way it should be!!

We took mom and then met up with the Thomases at our church's annual Harvest Festival.'
Estimated attendance at this year's event was close to 5,000 people - unbelievable. It was a lot of fun, and we saw lots of friends. Josh was happy that quite a few guys his age were there and they could trick or treat too. It appears you never get too old for candy.
Ellie dressed up as Minnie Mouse tonight. She allowed me to paint her nose on for photos at home, and even went across the street to Terry and Andrea's house, but then came home and SHE went and got a rag and washed it off. "I not like it," she informed me. She also did not like her "had to have" ears that light up. They hurt her head. So we opted for a sweet little Minnie Mouse bow purchased at consignment with the thoughts that this might happen.
After the Harvest Festival, we all stopped in at the local Dairy Queen for dinner (because we certainly didn't eat hotdogs, chili, cotton candy OR popcorn at the festival -- right!). Afterwards, Josh was terribly disappointed that it was too late to go to a neighborhood and trick or treat some more. This is the same kid who wasn't going this year.
It was a good year.
These are some of my favorite photos from this year:
Duracell bunny!
Ellie and her BFF Addie:
Hot diggity dog!
Ms. Kay's pumpkin in jail:
"Coach" Sullivan and his referree wife, Teresa:
Ellie and another of her BFFs, Elaina.
Scary man - ha!
Mario Brothers - cute idea!
Probably the one that made me laugh the loudest: "White Trash"
Sing along with me, "I'm Popeye the sailor man (toot toot) ..."