Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Video

This one is a video of Josh and Ellie playing peek a boo. Now, before I started videoing they were doing it over and over and Ellie was cackling at Joshua. Of course, when I wanted to video, she decided she wanted to do something else. Watch her hands at the end. It was bedtime and she'd already seen her bottle. HER version of sign language is to sign "more" for "eat". I think this is because Dee'Anna (her babysitter) always has her sign "more" while she is eating, so in her mind, it means to eat. Anyway, we know this is her sign for eat. She was ready for her bottle!

Sweet Video

Caught this video of Josh and Ellie playing tonight. It was really nice until Kevin ruined interrupted it unknowingly. I don't know what it is about this video that just makes me all mushy feeling in my stomach, but it just does. I love how they are so into what they are doing and how excited Ellie gets, clapping her hands and climbing all over Josh -- and how neither of them are yelling at each other. *smile*

Post Placement Visit #2

We have successfully "survived" our second post placement visit. Not that there really was anything to survive as it was easy and painless. We cleaned house and yard all day and, once again, our social worker came in, sat down at the kitchen table and we visited from there. When we were done, she left, so.... The good news is the house is clean!!

I'd love to have some cute picture to celebrate our second post placement, but here's all we have. However, I do have a sweet video to post in a bit. Stay tuned!!
Notice Elmo in the background. He's taking a ride on the rocking elephant, courtesy of Josh! I'd like to say that this will likely be the only time in recent memory that my floors were clean enough to eat off of!! :-)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kroger Update

I finally made my trek back over to my "friendly" (not) local Kroger to discuss my visit from Saturday night. You'll recall that I had less than stellar service and that I was over charged somewhere between $10-$15.

I arrived and asked for a manager. It took a while, but when he came down he listened to my story of my experience. I explained that I didn't want those kids to get in trouble but that if it were my son working there, I'd want someone to explain to him that this is not how things are done and that I felt like they might have opened a regular lane for checkout since I had so much stuff and they weren't doing anything other than texting, scratching lottery tickets and visiting with their friends.

He took my receipt, looked it over, looked at a sale paper, looked confused, asked the customer service woman what the "deal" was for Saturday and then told me he didn't know how much I was due back. I told him it was either $10 or $15, but that I would be fine with the $10 since neither of us knew. He took the receipt, handed it to the woman and said, 'Give her a gift card', shook my hand and left. He didn't say he was sorry -- nothing.

So, my point is that I won't be bothering the folks at that Kroger again. The customer service level at Publix and Harris Teeter are so incredibly different that I would rather spend my money there. The people there are actually pleasant, friendly and helpful. I work hard for my money. If I've got to spend it, I'd like to at least enjoy the process.

I will say, HOWEVER, that Kroger (at least in Middle Tennessee) is having a 50% off sale on Friday. You can see the link here for the items that will be on sale if you are in this area. It's mainly Keebler, Kelloggs and some other things like Kroger bacon, Tyson entrees, batteries and light bulbs. I might take advantage of it, but I can tell you for certain it will not be at the Kroger I was at on Saturday.

When I Grow Up...

Today as we were headed, once again, into town, I asked Josh what he would like to be when he grows up. He said, "Why, do I have to decide now?" *smile* No, you don't. I told him it was just that I was interested in what he might like to do when he grows up and that it's becoming more and more important to make good grades and good choices so that he can begin to prepare for his future. He said, "Well, I make all As and Bs. What more do I need to do?" Well, there you go....

I explained to him that he was growing up to be a man and that when he was grown and got married it would be his responsibility to make the money and take care of his wife and children. I told him that he should plan to have a good enough job that his wife would not have to work and could stay home and take care of their children.

So, after lots of talking through it, he decided that he wanted a job where he could shoot guns, like a police officer or SWAT, could work with heavy equipment like construction and be the CEO of the company (like everyone else wants, huh?). So, as soon as you all find a job meeting those qualifications, please ask them to hold it for 11 more years until he can get through college and apply for it.

And speaking of growing up to be a man, I was recently reading Lifeway's magazine, Living with Teenagers (May 2009) and read an article by Jeff Allen who summed up what it means to "be a man" better than any other description I have ever read. He wrote,

"A man is not defined by his physical appearance, but the content of his character -- understanding that you, and no one else, are responsible for your choices and the resulting consequences. It involves providing for yourself and ultimately for your family. It means finding something worth pursuing and putting aside your fears so you can give it your best shot."

I hope that Josh finds this out and can become this man. But, more than anything else, I hope he is happy and follows God's call for his life.

Eats Rocks and Mulch

Remember the t-shirts that said, "Runs with scissors?" Well, Kevin and I have decided we are going to make Ellie a shirt that says, "Eats rocks and mulch". It's gotten so frustrating. You can't sit her down anywhere near rocks or mulch or she tries to eat it. YUK. And then, if you tell her to stop and give it to you, she spits it out, smiles really big and hands it to you.
Happy 16th month birthday to our little rock and mulch eater! Who needs cake when you have rocks?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Regular Life

Thanks to all of you who have commented about Ellie's speech. I tend to just be a worrier so I'm going to relax a bit and give her some space and continue to tell her what everything is and wait. I think if we get closer to two and still not much is happening, I will consult early intervention again and if that doesn't work, we'll find our own ST to work with her. She definitely understands what you tell her and follows commands very well, so I'm not concerned with her cognitive abilities surrounding her language.

Tomorrow, The Princess will be sixteen months old. Where does the time go???

A little update on Josh. We took him to the doctor on Monday and he has some sinus issues so he's on some medicine. I'm not sure if it's the medicine (although he only takes it at night) or the sinus issues, but he is a really, really tired boy who just doesn't seem to be himself. He hasn't wanted to even go to football practice and that certainly isn't him. He is a go-go-go kind of kid. So, hopefully, in a few days he'll start to feel better.

And... in the where does time go category, school starts back in a week and a half (August 10). Holy cow, the summer just FLEW by for us. I'm not sure if it did for everyone else, but it did for us. I just don't feel like I accomplished anything this summer. I guess that means it was a good summer, huh?

We finally are getting someone to fix the Pathfinder that broke a couple months ago. We didn't quite know what happened to it, but those "in the know" were pretty certain it was the transmission. It was picked up yesterday and Kevin got a call today that it turns out that the front axle broke, flopped around and messed up the transmission. We are hopeful to have it back by this weekend. I will be flat out, stinking, jumping up and down for joy, overjoyed to get it back. We have made it work with one vehicle, but it seems like someone always needs to be somewhere else when there is no way to get there. One day I made three trips from home to Nashville so that everyone could be picked up, dropped off and gotten where they needed to be in time.

We have our second post placement this Thursday. I can't imagine how I will get the house clean before then. Oh well... I have great motivation to get it done!!

Super Double coupons is over at Harris Teeter today. I made five trips this week (way too many, I suppose, but the deals were really good). We have a ton of food in our house, even after having shared some with friends and family. While I personally couldn't use nine free Dawn dishwashing liquids, I certainly knew those who could. Free! Yes, FREE!! All for clipping a coupon. And, tortilla chips for $.50 a bag, Terra Chips (this is my new addiction), $.99 a bag (when they are regularly $3.99 a bag), Oreo cakesters (yes, I know, I didn't need them), $.99 a box, Blue Bunny ice cream sundaes, Free!!, Borden cheese slices, Free!!, Deerpark water (6 pk), Free!!, Ziploc fresh saver bags, $.19 a box; Danimals yogurt, free!!; Activia yogurt, free!!; Danactive drinkable yogurts, free!!; and Hormel compleats, $.50 each. The list goes on of the good deals at this sale. We should be set again for well over a month.

That's pretty much it for us as of late. Nothing exciting -- regular life -- the perfect kind!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Ok, so I'm going to come right out and throw it out there. I am certainly concerned about Ellie's lack of verbal communication abilities.

Now. That's said.

As you'll remember, she was tested by early intervention a while back and I was concerned about her "gross motor skills" (basically that she couldn't walk yet) and her verbal skills. Now, she's running around everywhere (boy, is she!!) *smile*.

However, the verbal skills have not come along like I think they should be. She says, "Mymamama" (mama) and "cat", "ball" and "Bo" (meaning dog because the neighbor's dog's name is Bo). We sometimes get "Bubba" (Josh) and "daddy". That's about it, though. She is very clearly understanding everything we say as she follows commands very well. She will take something to the right person, pick up something you tell her to, put things down, bring things to you. She knows who Elmo is, knows her blankie, shakes her head no in response to questions. She also makes her wants fairly well known. We've had some success with sign language, but mainly only because Dee'Anna (her babysitter) uses it there as well. She does "eat" and "more" and "all done".

I keep reminding myself that she was two months premature and her developmental age is adjusted to 14 months and that she was in a country that spoke another language that she heard for 6 months. However, it's just not ringing true for me (aka: mama gut). I read other families' blogs (that have children her age that were also internationally adopted) and see the words they are coming out and that it's pretty rapid fire at this age, and she's just not.

And my question is: when should I be concerned? She is obviously functioning too well in all other areas to qualify for early intervention. My friend Kat told me that I can pay for speech therapy locally for $50 a semester with grad students at the local college. But when do I start that? I don't want to "push" her, but I also want to give her every advantage to succeed without getting behind.

Comments welcome.

Sunday School

Ellie "moved up" at church today. She's now in the walker's class of one year olds. She had a great first day and came home with her first Sunday school sheet. Her teacher said she could point out Jesus in the picture. *smile* Of course she could -- she's brilliant. *big smile*

Here are a couple of pictures of her after church today. Poor girl is teething a LOT. Her gums are just bumpy. I also can't believe how much her hair is growing lately! Cute cute!


I mentioned we went swimming at Jennifer's mom's house on Friday. I didn't take many photos but got just a few to share. I was too busy visiting. Apparently it wore me out as I came home and went to sleep until about 9 that night, got up for a few hours and went back to bed.

Ellie had a blast playing with all the big boys. And yes, there is a boy under the bucket!!
Josh is such a good brother. She would let him take her anywhere in the pool.

Look at this belly!! I forgot her bathing suit -- how silly, huh? But she didn't have any issues going in without it.

Why we don't eat out ...

I don't think many words are required. This started out as ham, turnip greens, mashed potatoes and corn. She is determined to feed herself.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where's the Manager??

Most of you who read regularly know that I am an avid coupon clipper/deal seeker kind of mom. We have been working on our "stockpile" for some time now. I think we are finally to a point where I can slow up and not have to grocery shop (except perishables like milk and eggs) for about a month now.

I regularly shop several different stores to get the best bargains and interact with other moms to share coupons, find deals and so forth.

Today we hit Harris Teeter and when we came home I went to Wal-mart and to Kroger. Now, as much as I don't really care for Wal-mart (too big, doesn't double coupons, prices not really lower than other stores), tonight I would have chosen them over Kroger as the most "customer friendly". So, be forewarned, this is going to be a Kroger bashing post. If you don't want to read it, skip right on over it and I won't be offended at all.

I went to Kroger with some very specific deals in mind. I had my coupons ready and went late so I wouldn't have crowds.

This week's special deal at Kroger is buy 10 of a variety of products and get $5.00 off your order (basically, $.50 off each item). If you combine it with manufacturer's coupons, it can turn out to be some really good deals. For example: Chex Mix for $.49, Kraft cheese $.49 a bag or a block, Kleenex tissue, $.49 a box. And so the list goes. I got three "deals" ($15) due to me at check out.

When I got ready to check out, the only lit up rows were self check out. What??? I asked the kid -- yes, kid -- working if self-checkout was my only option (I've got a cart full here) and he says, "Yep. After 10:00 that's pretty much all you get." Hmmmm.... ok. So, I start the self-check out process. About half-way through I had to start sitting bags on the FLOOR to make room to bag the other things. Every time you take a bag off the counter, you have to have a manual override from the "associate". Well, there were three associates working self-checkout. Actually, working might be a strong word for what they were doing. One was talking to a girl. I know all about her, including who she dates, where she went for ice cream and with whom, where her boyfriend no longer works, where she used to work (Kroger), blah, blah, blah. Another associate was scratching off his lottery tickets -- which, by the way, I don't think he was old enough to even buy. The third associate was alternating checking his phone's text messaging and entering overrides for me to check out.

And then there were the coupons. Oh my... about every third one required manual override so I would have to wait, let him "do his thing" and then try to enter more. He never one time looked at my coupons or verified anything. I could have been poking through who knows what kinds of coupons.

Finally, I turned, a bit frustrated, I suppose and said to the three, "Don't you find it funny that you all are getting paid to be working and I'm the one paying for the groceries and yet I'm doing all the work?" I got two replies that summed it up. One boy said, "Well, I don't get paid much." Oh. Well then. The second boy said, "Well, eventually everyone's going to have to do all their checking out anyway." Oh. Ok. That makes this all better.

And then I schlepped it out to the car and loaded it in and looked at my receipt -- which I thought was a little high considering the deals I got and the amount of coupons I had. Imagine my FRUSTRATION (read: anger) when I noticed I did NOT get the $15 credit for purchasing the items required to get it. I called (didn't feel like going back in -- I just wanted to go home) and asked for the manager. Well does anyone care to guess what answer I got??? "All the managers have gone home. We close in 5 minutes." Oh. Alright. "Ok, I'll just call back tomorrow." Click.

Is it just me or do you not think that a MANAGER should be on duty until after a store (of the size of Kroger) is CLOSED? Who takes the money? Who locks up? Who does all the "manager" type stuff? What happens if someone gets hurt while there is no manager there? *sigh*

And, with all that having been said, I suppose I won't shop at this particular Kroger again. There are others that are much more well run than this one.

And tomorrow, I will find a manager and get my $15 back. I know it doesn't sound like much, but as hard as I word to clip those coupons and find those deals, $15 is a lot of money. It is, by the way, the amount I paid for $58 worth of groceries earlier in the week at Harris Teeter.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Night Night Time

Ellie had some trouble going Night Night tonight because she wanted to play. I, on the other hand, had NO trouble sleeping -- coming home from swim time with Jennifer, Sharon and the kids and passing out on the couch. I even missed Girl's Night Out because I was so tired.
I did manage to get up for Ellie's "Night Night" time. Here are some cute pictures of tonight's Night Night Time.

This is not a smile; it's an angry scream... Princesses should NOT have to sit in a crib by themselves, huh?

Faking us out for about, oh, two seconds. You'll notice TONS of blankets. It is a requisite for her to have about 10 blankets in her bed. It's ridiculous. We call her Linus. She walks around with a blanket up to her face half the time.
Trying to con, um, coerce, no, plead with daddy to get her out.
Pleading did not work.
THIS is a happy face, not a scream like it looks. She was in mid-laugh.
Josh has taught her the "touchdown" sign, but she'll only do it, if you yell, "DADDY!" Why??? We are trying to teach her to do it for touchdown as well since football practice has already started (weren't we just playing football???). She loves to do it.
"Talking". This girl just babbles away and we have no clue what she's saying.
And, for those of you who made it this far: a treat. A funny little video of her laughing while Josh runs back in forth in front of her door and plays peek-a-boo. Granted, you don't see Josh, but you'll hear the results.

And one more -- the finale of the night's video. Enjoy!

Night! Night!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back up on my Horse

I said yesterday that if God gave me another day I'd get back up on my horse and gallop along, so that's what I've been trying to do today. Thank you for the kind words from so many sweet friends.

Today we were up and Kevin took Ellie to MDO, came back and we all went to Kevin's doctor's appointment (it appears he'll be having a sleep study some time soon to see if he has apnea), dropped him and Josh off there, went and completed three commercial inspections, came back to pick them up, returned to get Ellie from MDO, took them home, returned back to town to complete another commercial inspection and a residential inspection, ran into Food Lion to pick up a few things (we were so out of milk), came home, sent Kevin and Ellie to my mom's to help them move some furniture, am going to take Josh, Kevin and Ellie to the park for football practice, run back into Nashville for one more errand, pick them back up and then finally come home to fall into the bed as I have to be in Cave City (so close to you Allison!!) tomorrow morning at 10 and then back to swim with my friend Jennifer with our kids at her mom's house at noon. HAS ANYONE EVER WRITTEN A LONGER SENTENCE????? *big smile*

And next week my LIFESAVER Dee'Anna will be back and Kevin will be back at work and I can hope that I can spend the week doing paperwork during the day in order to catch up at work.

I talked with my friend Mayme today and we laughed as we said we needed to get together for coffee to talk about "how hard our lives are" -- isn't it goofy to think we have it bad? We have wonderful, healthy children (who are all at home where they belong), faithful husbands, jobs that pay the bills, homes to live in, food in our cabinets, our health and we are complaining. God must shake His heads at us. But, in the throes of life, it's often hard to see the forrest for the trees. Perspective is hard when you are in the trench as opposed to on the topside of it.

I've begun to this about "my list" that I alluded to a few days ago. I finished the book (it was pretty in all honesty -- for a shallow summer beach type read) and think about the list every day. I've written a few things down. When I feel it is less a rough draft, I'll post it here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


There is just too much going on in my life right now, and I'm just so very tired.
Tomorrow I'm trying to figure how to get Kevin to a doctor's appointment at 10:30, Ellie to MDO at 9:00, me to three commercial inspections starting at 10:00, Josh somewhere?? and then pick up Kevin from his appointment, take him and Josh back home, complete another commercial inspection at 1:00 across town and pick Ellie up by 2:00 at MDO and take Josh to football at 6:00 with one car. We were supposed to have our second post placement visit tomorrow at 3, but we had to cancel -- there just wasn't any way to get it all done.

We've got someone who is supposed to be fixing my SUV soon, but a family emergency took them out of town so it's not done yet.

Ellie went to the doctor today and has a sinus infection. She's on antibiotics now. She's actually doing relatively well other than just wanting "mymamama" (one word) to hold her a lot. I was in the bed last night at 2 a.m. (yes, that's correct) and back up today at 7:00 am to get her to her doctor's appointment.

We went to meet Susan and Katie today in Murfreesboro to let Josh and Ellie play with her and go swimming. Those of you who are faithful blog readers will remember that Katie was a prayer warrior for us while we were waiting for Ellie. I kept looking and looking for the post where I talked about Katie praying for Ellie and posting her pictures. When I couldn't find them, I looked in my photo folders and found that it was taken back in 2006 -- before I even started blogging. IMAGINE, Katie was praying for Ellie in 2006 -- three YEARS before she was born, and today, they finally got to play together. Now, that should be a reminder for me that God is certainly in control, huh? Here is a photo of Katie praying for Ellie, followed by the picture I took of them today.
September 2006:

July 2009:
After swimming, I rushed home to get Ellie's prescription picked up before the pharmacy closed. Then it was time to cook dinner and feed Ellie. It's almost 9 and I need to enter work but I'm so very, very tired I just can't concentrate (but apparently I have time to whine and blog, eh?).
It seems like nothing is "in order" around me -- the house is a wreck, the yard is a wreck, my work seems to always be behind, there are projects that need finishing, babies that need loving, boys that need attention and time, husbands that need attention and me who is tired. I don't function well in environments where things are all in disarray and there are no schedules so summer stinks for me. It's hard to schedule time to work; it's hard to find a quiet moment to get the work entered if I do manage to get in the field to do it. One day last week, I told no one and went to Panera Bread (free WiFi) all day to have a quiet place to make phone calls/schedule appointments and enter work. I got more done that day than I had in months.

I also don't think I've mentioned on the blog that I was diagnosed about three or four months back with fibromyalgia. It was a relief, to some extent, because I was in such pain that I literally could not get up from the floor when I got down to play with Ellie. I would go to bed hurting so bad that it was nearly impossible to get up the steps, but then wake up hurting just as much. My doctor gave me some meds for it which seem to work well, but I'm pretty much hit or miss on taking them and I need to call to get a refill as I'm out and haven't had (or taken) the time to do that. I suspect the fatigue (and pain) are from that as much as anything. But, I try hard not to be a whiner or complainer about this. I think a positive attitude is half the battle (I guess that means I'm losing the battle today for sure).

And, I don't normally whine (let me rephrase -- I don't normally whine on my blog), but life's been a bit hard lately and I'm just tired of all the stuff being thrown at me from one direction and then another. So, I'm taking a minute to blog and whine and then tomorrow I'll get back up on my horse, be thankful for my blessings, and go full force at another day if God chooses to give me another day to go at. I just want some rest.

Diaper Free!

At Ellie's last check up the nurse asked if Ellie was taking her clothes off yet. We said no, but the nurse said to just wait, she would.

And, so she was right. Ellie LOVES to take her diaper off now and run around buck naked.

Tonight, she and Josh were playing in the living room and I heard Josh making some weird noise like, "uh oh" and I looked and she had stripped down. I told Josh to put her diaper back on and Mr. Smartness said no he didn't want to. I said, "Well, I hope she pees on you."

HA!! Imagine my surprise when just a second later she did. I thought Josh was going to have a heart attack on the spot. WHERE was the video camera when you needed it??? Needless to say, I'll bet he won't let her pull that diaper off for long again.

One day, when they look back and read this, they are certainly going to get a chuckle out of it!

One of the reasons I try so hard to capture all the little things here is so they will have the fun of reading about their childhood when they are older. I wish I had started "blogging" ages ago!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today as I was headed to Clarksville to do a few inspections, I witnessed a wreck. I was merging on to the interstate and a lady decided she needed to move over. She really didn't as I saw her and was planning on falling in behind her, but she did, nonetheless.

Unfortunately, though, she didn't see the van in the lane beside her. I suspect he was in her blind spot, but her rear bumper clipped his front bumper. Since he was in a big van and knew that she was there -- you could tell he did -- he managed to move over as far as he could and try to keep out of her way. When she clipped his bumper though, she tried to correct and slammed her backside into a guard rail, began a spin that took her in front of me. I'm totally freaking out and trying to figure out how to 1) get out of her way 2) stay out of the van's way, 3) pray that she is not going to die right in front of me. She spun all the way across the interstate and then into the grass where she flipped either one or two times. I was so very freaked out at this point, I couldn't swear one way or the other because as she flipped, I could see her inside the car flopping around as the car flipped right in front of me.

I managed to get over to the side of the road and jump out of the truck (along with about 100 other people, I think). I tried calling 911, but I was shaking so badly I couldn't make the phone work. By the time I got through, someone else had already called.

Ironically (and blessedly) the woman climbed out of the car (which was on it's side, driver's side up) and only had a few scratches on her elbow.

I stood there with my hands visibly shaking for a good 15-20 minutes while the police, EMS and fire department showed up and asked questions and took statements. The woman was from out of town and was only worried because she was driving her daughter's car.

It just made me realize how very quickly something terrible can happen and the irony of how even the small choices we make in our lives can have a huge impact in our lives and the lives of others. Had I not stopped to get a drink, I would not have been there at that time and maybe the accident would not have happened. The police officer assured me (after taking mine and several other witnesses' statements) that it was totally not my fault and that I would only be listed as a witness, but the reality to me is that she was merging over because I was getting on the interstate. I am so thankful she was not hurt, I was not hurt and the people in and driving the van were not hurt. It could have been much worse, I know. If you have a chance tonight, say a prayer for the woman. I hope she is truly ok.

And above all, please, remember to wear your seatbelts every single time you get in your car.

Random Holiday World Photos

Toward the end of the day, Kevin changed back into his "street clothes" but Ellie was not done playing in the water. Fortunately, the water was pretty shallow.

Isn't this a sweet picture of the two of them?

This was the second bathing suit of the day. She actually ended up wearing two bathing suits and three outfits due to her, um... incidents.

Playing in the water sprays -- look at this face, isn't it the sweetest??

Josh is having a blast, as the facial expression tells you. He LOVES theme parks and water. What a perfect combination this day was.
Bryce and Josh floating on the Congo River.

Ellie loved Bryce AND the "Tow-mater" she won picking ducks out of the duck pond.

Too much water fun will do this to a girl! Man, late in the afternoon I was so wishing I would fit in this stroller!

This was early on in the day when Ellie refused to allow me to feed her her yogurt. It was a huge mess, but I know she has to learn to feed herself. But, at a theme park? UGH.

This is certainly a "Who me?" shot if I've ever seen one!

Josh and Bryce had a lot of fun playing the arcade and carnival style games. Both boys came home with a full-sized basketball, some cheesy football games and some plastic sword type toys (that tore up before the day was over) and gave several stuffed animals to Ellie.

Photos from the Lincoln Boyhood Home

Well, I don't think we have any pictures of the actual historical location (or at least I don't have any). But we have some cute ones of everyone. I notice my parents did NOT send any of the pictures I took of them (hint!)
Ellie, who is only interested in playing in rocks or mulch no matter where she is. Check out that diaper hanging out, too.

We took this picture to use in our upcoming post placement report. This is the first photo we have had made of all of us since we were in Kyrgyzstan meeting Ellie for the first time.

Bryce was excellent with Ellie this weekend. We told his mom that she needs to get him a little sister. My mom said she was going to "order" him one for Christmas this year. Ellie loved him too!!

Thanks to mom for the pictures!

Pilgrim's Plunge Pictures

Here are Josh and Bryce on the Pilgrim's Plunge at Holiday World. I think it was their favorite ride.
Going up on the lift.
Josh and Bryce are the third row from the rear -- Bryce with his arms in the air and Josh with his head crouched down.
A splash landing...
Row B are Josh and Bryce
Josh appears no worse for the wear as he is waving!

Check out the next to photos for the smiles -- they say everything. This is definitely a tween boy ride!

Wrapping up after the ride -- their towels were wet all day long.