Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ellie the Pellet Sneezing Girl

One day she will be mortified. I will still laugh about it.

Little Rascal Ellie found a pouch that Josh had his air soft pellets in and spilled them all over the downstairs floor. It's wood so they scattereed EVERYWHERE. There were two or three hundred of them. Kevin, Josh, Ellie and I picked them up and I suppose sometime while we were doing that -- or some other time for all I know ... Ellie poked some up her nose. WHY I don't know, but I guess because she's two and that's what you do when you are two.

She didn't mention it at all and hasn't acted peculular at all. Tonight as I was editing football pictures, I heard her sneeze and then the all-too-familiar, "ping, ping, ping" of a pellet bouncing on the floor. I looked up and saw *GROSS ALERT* snot with a red pellet sitting in the middle of it. HUH?

I cleaned her nose off and went to the back door to call Kevin back to the house. As he got closer I said, "Ummmm... Ellie is sneezing BBs out her nose." His look was probably just as priceless as mine was when I heard her sneeze.

We got a flashlight and looked in her nose and didn't see anymore and Kevin said that was probably all of them. Then he asked her to blow air out of her nose. She did and he "thought" there was nothing else, but a few seconds later, I saw what I thought was blood coming from her nose. Nope. Turned out to be another red pellet.

We called the doctor and went through some questions and she felt we were ok to wait until tomorrow morning to come in to see Dr. H. (who, ironically, is on call tomorrow). I love our doctor's office. They even have Sunday hours. Everyone I talked to on the phone got a real kick out of Ellie's story. I'm sure one day she will too!

I asked her when she put them in her nose and she said, "Last night." I asked her did she do it and she said, "Yes." I asked her if there were any more in her nose and she said, "No." Who knows. If there are more, I hope the doc has a sedative for one of us.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ellie's "School" work

Ellie is learning her ABCs in Preschool. Here are the first pages she brought home from "school" along with her first "craft" -- a musical toy that she LOVES.

I'm pleased to also report that she can accurately recognize her name, my name and Kevin's name in a list of names. She's still working on Josh's, but I think it's amazing that she can pick those names out. Go, Ellie!!

And just because she's so cute, here's a picture of her eating her snack before bed: sugar free pudding with sprinkles and a COOKIE.


And, an update on Josh. Remember those photos from earlier in the week where he was guarding a REALLY large kid? Well, that ended up costing him a trip to the doctor this week for pulled muscles in his chest and rib areas. Poor kid has been tanking up on Motrin this week in hopes it will heal quickly and he'll be able to play in Saturday's game.

No cute pictures of him this week because he does not want his picture made.

And You Thought YOU Were Having a Bad Day

I was driving home from working today when I did a double take at the store just down from our house. Our friends own the store and its where we go all the time to get stuff when it's late or we don't want to drive to a store. It's where we buy gas and pizza.

I saw the police car (lights flashing) before I got to the store. I honestly thought they might have been broken into or something. Then I saw the yellow caution tape. Then, as I was driving by I did a double take. What in the world????

I turned around and went back and was glad (again) that I always have a camera of some kind in my car. It's not every day you see this.

You thought YOUR day was bad? Imagine going home and telling your husband/wife/parents -- INSURANCE COMPANY -- that you drove through a plate glass window at the gas station.

At least the gas pump hose wasn't still attached, Lori!! *smile* I think they have trumped you.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Joelton Vikings Begin Season with Win

This is Josh's last year to play for the Vikings. It's hard for me. He's been a part of that program since he was six, with the exception of one year he took off to play fall baseball. That's a long time and a lot of football games with a lot of the same kids and parents. They feel like family. We have eight regular season games and the potential for two post-season playoff games and the Superbowl -- then, it's over.

Today on the way to the Jamboree, I told Josh, "You realize this is your last Jamboree." He replied, "No, it's not, when I play in middle school and high school we'll have them." I replied that it was his last Vikings Jamboree. He seems less concerned about it than I am. Typical boy, I suppose.

We arrived to thunder and some lightning off in the distance and were concerned we might not be able to play. It was as if even the weather sensed the tension between the teams -- the fierce desire to win. The Jamboree features all the teams in the Middle Tennessee Junior Football league, the 6/7/8 year old teams, the 9/10 year old teams and the 11/12 teams. Younger kids play earlier and older kids play later. We were the third from last match-up and were paired up with long time rival White House East.

Jamboree is also the time kiddos who want to handle/run the ball have to "make weight" -- be below a certain weight. This year, it was 130 pounds. Josh is a lineman, so we've never had to worry about making weight, but this year, four kids were really trying to make weight. Three did, one didn't, but he was fine with that because in all honesty, he wants to kick the ball and that doesn't have a weight limit. I was so proud of those guys and the hard work they put in to loose that weight.

After weigh-in, the boys did some warm up exercises and then just hung around waiting for their time. Josh has been fortunate to have some of the same core coaches throughout the entire program, so there is a familiarity to how things are going to go. There is a routine that is comforting -- much like Ellie's blanket is to her when she is tired or scared -- and that, I've realized, will be ending soon. I suppose, having "been there done that" in other areas of my life, I realize what Josh doesn't: that he will never have this same experience in his life again. While he may play football for years and years, it will never be with the same people, with the same awesome, caring coaches, with the same routines and same winning streak that he has been blessed with through the years. This group of kids has played at least sixty-seven regular season games together over the past seven years. In addition to that, they have typically played several pre-season scrimmages, post-season bowl games/tournaments and out of state tournaments. The core group of twelve year olds have likely seen around eighty games together through the years.

Pre-game prayer (yes - we still do that thanks to our wonderful coaches!):

Each year, we drop one or two as they start to play middle school ball, decide to pursue another sport or just burn out, I suppose. But the core is still there -- a lot taller, a lot more mature (in some ways) and with me catching glimpses of the men they will become. I'll admit; it's hard seeing these boys that I've photographed all these years suddenly become teens.

I carry on too much. My friend, K, says it's mid-life crisis we are all going through. Whatever.

The game was two 10-minute halfs and the Vikings did very well. The final score was 12-6 Vikings. There were mistakes, but, no one wants to reveal their entire hand at Jamboree. The win was great, however, coupled with the three pre-season scrimmage wins, at building confidence for the season. The "Revenge Tour 2010" has begun. Josh's head coach, Mike, has deemed this year the "Revenge Tour" because we didn't get a chance at the Superbowl again last year. Our boys won back in 2008 and one more Superbowl win would be the crown jewel for our boys. Yes, I know it's only football; it's just a sport. But these boys work really hard for five months a year and play in heat, rain and cold. It's a sweet victory to see their hard work pay off.

I love this picture for some reason:

I took too many pictures, as usual. Josh HATES to have his picture made now. Gets angry and turns his head or closes his eyes. The year I most want them -- he wants them the least. I'll work harder. One day they will be important to him. If he were really honest and didn't want to appear "weak", he'd say they are now. I know that all these boys can't wait to see their pictures and I see them all over facebook for months and months to come. They are proud of their hard work and I am proud of them and glad to share these photos with them.

Good grief, this kid he was blocking was BIG!

I have a large photo very much like this one hanging in my upstairs hallway. Same stance, some of the same people -- different team, different year, smaller boy. It's interesting to compare the changes in what was a little boy to what is now an almost teen.

Ellie, was GEARED UP for the day, though, and even though she did NOT want her picture taken at first, she loosened up after a while.

Arriving at the park, NOT wanting her picture made:

This is her and McKenna, Coach Hans' oldest girl. Aren't they beautiful??

After the game she was ALL OVER Joshua, wanting to pat his head, sit on his lap and hug him. She is his smallest, biggest fan. This is SUCH a sweet picture of the two of them.

Sweet face:

I think she might be trying to wink here:

Post game, hanging out with friends:

We stayed around to watch our friend Braiden play and Ellie and Emily got some play time. Here's Ellie loving on Emily.

After the game, we went with some football friends and had pizza. All in all, it was a great afternoon.

Fun Times -- Road Trips and Bedtime

Today we took a little road trip. Well, it was SUPPOSED to be a trip to a birthday party, but mama didn't pay attention to the invite very well and showed up a week early for the party -- only to find there was no one home. Poor Ellie was devastated and I almost cried on the spot because it wasn't just down the road, it was TWO HOURS away in Kentucky. We had found substitutes for our Sunday School class, arranged for someone to let the dog out, got the car cleaned out, loaded up, had the present and everything. The only thing missing for us was the party. How embarrassing, honestly. Try explaining to a two-year-old who wanted to see her friends and have a party why we drove this far and there is no party. Fun times. We actually did make the best of it and got a lot of laughs out of it.

Then tonight, at bedtime, I asked Josh if he would read to Ellie since I was trying to get the last few things cleaned up in her room/closet. They were SO sweet that I had to take a picture of them. When Josh was little, one of his favorite books was "How Does a Dinosaur Say Goodnite?" It's now one of Ellie's favorites too. I also found a Dinosaur board book called "How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten" and she likes it a lot too. Tonight they checked them both out.

Ellie really likes Chicka Chicka Boom Boom too.

I told Josh on our road trip today that he needs to wear green more often. His shirt REALLY brought out the green in his eyes today.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sign of Things to Come?

This is Ellie's newest "stance". I see her doing it all the time. I'm wondering where it came from because I honestly don't think I stand this way -- ever. It's funny and cute though, for now.

More on the Vikings football jamboree (with photos) tomorrow or Monday. I'm tired.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Talking Up a Storm ...

I was at Girl's Night Out tonight and took Ellie. We were having a jewelry party so it was fine for her to go. One of the moms who was there has a grown son and he and his nine-week-old infant son stopped by (his wife was there) and she was trying to remember how much her son weighed at the same age. She said, "I'm old and I just can't remember back that far."

And it hit me.

That's why I feel the urgency to write in the blog, why I need to keep a record of all the mundane things that go on in Josh and Ellie's life. The weights, the milestones, the funny stories. Because one day, God willing, I will be that mom of a grown son and daughter, trying to remember how much they weighed and what they said and did. Josh got scrapbooks. Ellie and Josh now have a blog. I wish I had a blog back when Josh was a little bitty one. At least there is now.

Ellie, by the way, has gained a pound and a half over the last few weeks, topping her out at 24.5 pounds. She came home at 12.4 pounds, so at almost two years after coming home, she has doubled her weight. She's eating up a storm lately, trying everything she can. At the party tonight she had some pizza, kiwi, apples and chicken salad.

And she is talking up a storm. She is talking in complete sentences, loves to talk on the telephone to anyone who will talk/listen, makes friends quickly and is a social bug. Her ability to say things has just blossomed over the last month or so and she will try to say any word you ask her to.

She had a bit of regression in her sleeping earlier this week when she started preschool. However, after going every day this week, she has passed out each night of sheer exhaustion. She regularly sleeps somewhere between 10-11 hours every night.

Josh is doing well in middle school. He seems to like his team and his teachers -- or he is just being closed mouthed about it. His football team starts their official season tomorrow afternoon at the opening jamboree. I can't believe this is our last year with this team. Seems like just yesterday he started playing football -- when he was 6. Don't blink moms and dads. You think it won't happen to you, but it will. I know that in about six years, he will be leaving to go to college. I can't begin to think about it. The amount of changes our family is in for over the next several years is huge and I just can't wrap my head around it some days.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Toy Story Beans

Last night as we were eating dinner, I wanted Ellie to try some of the field peas we had made. She "not want it" -- as is her style. I told her (off the top of my head) that these were special; they were TOY STORY beans. Her eyes got wide and she tried a spoonful. She wanted more. Finally, we put some in a bowl for her and I looked over and she had the bowl up to her face DRINKING the beans.

Cute moment -- wonder if it will work for Josh and broccoli???

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sort of Feels Like Stealing

Not a title you might think you'd be reading on my blog, is it?

I had two VERY satisfying shopping experiences today and just wanted to share so those of you who are trying to stay frugal (sounds better than cheap, doesn't it?) can file these away or use them yourself.

When Kroger last had their $10 mega event (buy 10 items, save $10 off or some such thing), their Gatorades were $.49. They were totally out when I went in to buy my 30 and so I got a raincheck to buy them at $.49 within the next 30 days. Today I was in the area and thought I'd run in and get them since football is in full swing and I think we are running low. I had two coupons for "Buy 10, get 5 free" and I had two Catalinas (they pop out of the coupon machine at the store when you buy certain foods) for $3/off and $2.50/off. Going in, I assumed I would be paying about $5 for those 30 Gatorades and I was just happy as punch. Well, Jeoffrey wasn't as happy to see me arrive. His first comment was (literally), "Cr*p, I hate rainchecks." Well, good to see you today too. Finally, after he figured how to ring them, he realized I had *gasp* coupons and had the audacity to say to me, "You should just keep these for when they aren't on sale." WHAT??? I simply said, "I don't want to keep them, I want to use them today while they are one sale because I never buy them if they aren't on sale. I stock up when I can get them cheaper." Apparently, that offended him because he said another lovely word and couldn't figure out how to ring them up. Finally, he just took off $10 and said, "There." Well, it was supposed to be $4.90 which I pointed out and he replied that each coupon was good for up to $5 and that's what he was ringing it up as. Ok. Final cost for 30 Gatorades????

Wait for it.


$.34. Yes, thirty-four cents. WHOOP WHOOP!! I literally felt badly. I would have added a candy bar or something but I knew that would send Jeoffrey into next week so I paid and left -- quickly before they changed their minds.

Then, today, on Facebook, I read about a deal where I could get inexpensive diapers/pull-ups. We have pretty much moved exclusively to pull-ups. They are easier all around and I'm hopeful those cute little Dora faces will encourage Ellie to go potty. Not working yet, but, maybe soon. Anyway, I digress.

Apparently, has a deal where if you sign up for Auto Ship, you get 30% off your diapers. Now, you can immediately cancel your auto-ship option after you order so that's not a big deal. You can COMBINE this offer with coupons that you can find in the August and September issues of Parent and Parenting magazines (you might have to be creative here -- ask your friends if they get the magazine, pick up a copy or two at the store, whatever). Tonight I managed to get a box of 68 Easy Ups (Pampers) for $2.68 SHIPPED TO MY HOME with 2 day shipping -- $2.68. I am going to try to get enough coupon codes to do it two more times (you have to use a different name each time) in order to get three boxes. I am hopeful this will finish us up. 204 Easy-ups for $8.04 makes them right at $.04 each. Diapers, I think, might be less expensive, but I haven't checked on those. Best thing, I don't even have to clip a coupon or leave my house. This deal ends August 31. Oh, and your local library might let you get the large orange coupon from the magazine -- just a thought -- I've read that some libraries allow that if you ask. Anyway, these SAME 204 Easy-ups would have cost me somewhere between $60-$80 if I had to buy them in the store -- even with coupons. I just saved $50 -- WHOO HOO!!!

And, I have been sorely disappointed that I couldn't find any Harris Teeter stores that had the "Princess Bites" that Ellie likes. These are the Disney princess gummy vitamins. They were BOGOF at $6.99/2 this week -- an awesome deal. AND I had a coupon. Tonight I happened to think of the raincheck blessing and I asked if I could get a raincheck. No problem they said. I can now get 4 of them when they get them back in stock.

A good day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of Preschool

There are too many changes going on in my life right now -- too many little people growing up too fast.

Today was Ellie's first day of preschool at our church. When I asked her this morning if she remembered where she was going today, she said, "Addie's house". I was sad because the end of that time has come. I am so thankful that we had "Addie's House" for the time we did. It was the perfect environment for my little peanut to be in while she was little and learning to crawl, walk, eat, play with friends, etc. Now, that she is a bigger peanut, she is ready for some learning time. I've seen the signs a lot lately, and know that it was the right choice for her, but it seems so "grown up" and she seems so little.

I had planned for it to be a nice, peaceful morning. Plans -- ha. "For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord. Sometimes I wish He would give me a little advance warning of these plans. Last night at 10:30, I remember we didn't get Ellie a mat for her nap. Granted, I bought the fabric and pillow and stuff to have her a COVER made, but never picked up the mat. Surprise. I called the local Walmart and they assured me they had them in stock. Kevin drove over there and SURPRISE, they have none. They check inventory of another store and said they had them. This morning, Kevin takes Josh, drops him off and heads to that store. SURPRISE. They don't have any either. So my baby went to school with no mat. Bad mama.

Then, in the midst of getting everything ready, I get a text from Josh, followed by a phone call, asking me to come get him because his stomach is hurting. Apparently, he has a touch of a stomach virus. Poor kiddo is upstairs in the bed right now.

Ellie was very excited to get to take her new Dora backpack. However....

Turns out, her backpack is bigger than she is. I suppose that calls for another backpack.

We managed to get Ellie dressed, packed up and to school on time, but she wanted NOTHING to do with the pictures. When we took her out front for her "obligatory" first day picture, she hung her head, got pouty faced and would not even look at us.

LOOK at this face:

After daddy hugs, she and I headed for school.

I asked her to let me take a picture of her in front of the building and she turned around (see the photo below) and said, "I Not Want Picture Mama!" and marched on to the door. Oh, great. We are in for some HARD times if she doesn't want pictures already at two.

I think the fact that it's at her church made things SUPER easy for her because she was not stressed at all -- unlike a couple of kids I saw. She went in, we talked to her "tee-churs" and she got down to business playing with the bugs and the "eye" (ie, magnifying glass). After a bit I asked her if it would be ok if I went home and came back to get her in a little while. She nodded her head ok and I asked her for "some lips" and she gave me kisses and I left. She was playing hard and never looked back at me.

Two o'clock looms far away. I'm going to do paperwork to pass my time.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Youth Group

Josh began his first day with the Youth Group today. He had little to report about it, but was able to tell me what he learned in class -- so that's a bonus!! He has great teachers; I went to school with one of them when I went to PVCS. I know they will be good teachers for him this year.

It makes me sad, though.

As much as I complained about him and the other sixth graders I taught, they had something special about them that set them apart. They were loud and social and talkative and somewhat disrespectful in that they couldn't stop socializing long enough to listen. But, ironically, if you asked them a question about what you taught, they knew the answers. I LOVED that group of exhausting kids. And while I was glad to "pass them on" -- today I missed them so much.

Honestly, I don't know if I want to continue teaching SS class. I think my "calling" if you will was to that class. Now, mind you, I don't dislike any of the kids I'm teaching now -- and I know a lot of them from their parents and seeing them at church. But I'm not sure if my passion is still there. I'm going to give it a few weeks and see.

Tonight, Josh (and Kevin) went on their first youth group outing: to the Sounds baseball game. I know Josh was probably glad to have one of us there. Kevin promised not to sit with him or talk to him, but just knowing someone "has his back" in this new endeavor has to be comforting. I think it might be a comfort to the other kiddos who just moved up too.

Ellie and I are hanging at home tonight with no plans. We'll see how our night goes. Likely some popcorn chicken, fries, Barney, Dora, tea parties, coloring and dollhouses will be involved.

Time moves too quickly.