Friday, May 18, 2007

The Gift of Assimilation

I have sat through many messages in church about our spiritual gifts. I have wondered and wondered what my "gift" was and how to accurately describe what I felt my gift was. While there are many gifts I would like to claim as mine, God has made me as I am and has blessed me with what I call the gift of assimilation. This came to me while I was working here in South Carolina. What a time for it to be revealed! What in the world is the gift of ASSIMILATION you might ask. To me, it is the ability to think of many, potentially unrelated things, and bring them or put them together to make something new.

Miriam Webster defines assimiliation as:

1 a : to take in and utilize as nourishment : absorb into the system b : to take into the mind and thoroughly comprehend 2 a : to make similar b : to alter by assimilation c : to absorb into the culture or mores of a population or group3 : COMPARE, LIKEN intransitive verb : to become assimilated.

When I began to think of this, I thought of my desires to scrapbook (putting memorabilia, photos and other "pretties" together to capture a memory), the videos I make (putting together photos, music and quotes to help people remember an event) and all the other "creative" ventures I undertake. But, then I allowed myself to expand on what I COULD do with this gift -- the ability to bring others together -- people who are totally unrelated or different, in order to make or do something good. What a wonderful gift!!! Let my prayer always be, "Here I am, Lord -- use the gift you have given me for Your good; use me."


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