Thursday, May 24, 2007

Photo contest and ramblings of the day

Photo Contest - American Humane Society

The American Humane Society is having a photography contest for my FAVORITE thing to photograph -- animals!!! I am going to enter. I can't believe that this is a coincidence that I've been thinking how much I love photographing animals and this happens. I might not win, but I've got to try!!! You can enter as many times as you like so I'm going to enter several -- not knowing what the tastes of the judges might be. I'm definitely sending in "cat bath" with Joshua and Little Kitty. I'd also like to send in the one of Sunshine with the sunglasses and Joshua and the one of Sunshine lying by the front door and Joshua lying on her. I'd just have to FIND THEM first. I thought I might also take some more photos to enter as well. The contest runs June 1 - July 31. First prize is $2,000 and runners up get $500. IMAGINE getting paid to take a photo!! The shame of it is that I've taken SO many animal photos that I can't use.

Fingers crossed that I'd even get honorable mention. Maybe I'll search the internet for more photo contests. WHO KNOWS!!!

The picture I got framed of Joshua playing football is wonderful. When I picked it up from Hobby Lobby I was so surprised at how good it turned out. The colors are vibrant and the words pop from the frame. We took it to the park tonight to show folks. I guess it was bragging a little, but I just think it's such a cool look with the mats.

Kevin, Joshua and Scott leave tomorrow for Piney to set up camp. Bryce and I will leave Saturday morning after I drop Scat at the vet and pick up the shoulders and chickens from church and drop mama's off.

I need to clean house tomorrow. The floors need to be mopped and some dusting needs to occur. It never ends, but I've gotten so much less stressed about this area of my life. Good thing!

Tomorrow is our "official" five month wait for Ellie. I know she's coming. I see the answers to my prayers about the speed up slowly starting. Others are jaded and pessimistic about the rumors of speeding up, but I know I have asked God for it and that it is in His ability to answer "yes" to me if it is best so I am not surprised that it comes on the heals of my specifically asking others to pray for this. I am willing, however, to wait as long as God needs for me to for Ellie to be born and be ready to come home with us. I know her spirit already. I told someone today that I don't know if I'm truly ready for the magnitude of the blessing that Ellie will be in our lives. Joshua has irrevocably changed my life forever in so many ways; I know Ellie will do the same -- my little black eyed, black haired girl with the almond shaped eyes.

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