Monday, October 25, 2010

Football Season is ROCKING

Where is time going these days? No one mentioned that I would be on the go 24/7 when I "grew up". At least I'm never bored.

Josh's football team, the Joelton Vikings 11/12, have ROCKED this year. Regular season ended with us being 8-0 with our team scoring 295 and our opponents scoring 18. Not one extra point was scored during the regular season game against our boys either. They have been SMOKING HOT!!!

Josh's regular season stats (for eight games) include:
  • 31 tackles
  • 15 assists
  • 5 sacks
  • 4 fumble recoveries
  • 1 safety
Not too shabby, I don't think.

We started playoffs last week and won the first game 26-12. We have another playoff game this Saturday and when we win, we will head to the Super Bowl. This same group of young men won the Super Bowl two years ago and I am SO HOPEFUL for the chance for them to go again.

I'm already saddened that after two weeks, our lives as Joelton Vikings will be over. It's been such a wonderful group of friends to spend the last six years with (half of Josh's life!). Now, we will all go our separate ways with many of our kids heading off to different schools. I can't type this -- I'll be too sad.

NEVER FEAR though: Josh is trying out for the middle school soccer team. Those try-outs started this week and run three days this week. Should he make the team, that will tide us over until baseball season. *smile*

Here are some recent photos of my boy in action.

Josh has even played center a few times this year:

Josh took this team's QB down so hard, I felt bad for him.

It's been a fantastic year so far. The only thing that can make it better is Josh getting another one of those Super Bowl rings!!

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