Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Gotcha/Family Day, Ellie!!

Two years ago Sunday, our littlest member of the family landed in Nashville to be welcomed home by her big brother, her daddy, a MeeMee, a DeeDee and a Nana and many, many other friends and family.

I still remember it like it happened last week.

Sunday we celebrated our family's completion by going out to eat at Mimi's Cafe and then taking a trip to Toys R Us for a special toy -- which ended up being a Disney Princess CD player (the kind that plays those molded plastic cds). Not surprising that the wee one who started out as "The Princess" was celebrated with a GiGi's cupcake that is billed as "The Princess" and then got a Princess CD player. NeeMee and DeeDee got her a bowling set which she has worn us out with asking us to set it up and play with her.

I could wax nostalgic for hours upon end about how wonderful she is, but her head is already big enough! Suffice it to say God could not have picked a more perfect fit for our family and we are all thankful every day for her and Joshua.

Here are a few photos from Ellie's special day.

Checking out the Gigi's cupcakes:

We were also celebrating my daddy's birthday, so we had twice the reason for celebration:

Ellie enjoying her Princess cupcake:

MeeMee and DeeDee with their cupcakes:

Kevin was ready to dig into his cupcake:

Nana got a Banana Pudding cupcake -- yumm!!

And Josh got a White Magic Chocolate Chip:

Ellie getting her present:

Ellie got comfy in the floor to "read" her card:

Josh was taking pictures by this time. Thie one is a little blurry, but Ellie's expression is so sweet, I had to share it.

And how about this sweet one of Ellie and her DeeDee:

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Kelli said...

Well, I'm quite late but Happy family day! Looks like a wonderful celebration. I can't believe it's been two years. I think we will add gigi's to our family day celebration this year. We LOVE them!