Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is "For the Birds" - Snowing Again

We had a beautiful snow last night -- accumulating somewhere around 3"-4" of wet, heavy snow. I woke up and it was so beautiful. For the first time, our evergreen out front was literally laden with snow, it's boughs weighted down under blankets of snow.

The day before I had put out a few new bird feeders and I was SO excited to see all the birds that were hanging out on our side deck. My camera broke a while back and I haven't taken the time to get it fixed, so my "snappy" instant camera and I went to work trying hard to capture some pictures of the beautiful birds that were hanging out on the other side of the doors.

I loved my cardinals from today!

The little "snuggle birds" (don't they look like you could just snuggle them in your hands?) were adorable too!

And I love how this guy has snow all over his beak from digging out seed from the snow.

It was a nice morning. The cats even had a good time, chirping and "talking" to the birds.

Doesn't he look pitiful (aka hungry)?

God's beauty is majestic!

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Jeanne said...

There's hardly anything more beautiful than a cardinal in the snow. I miss it out West here (no birds quite the same) and your pictures gave me a smile today!