Friday, February 25, 2011

Dentist and Hair Cuts

It was a big day Wednesday! We had dentist appointments and hair cut appointments and THEN we were going to get together with our Kyrgyz friends to meet John, Julie, Bekah and Emma Wright for a fun night.

Ellie has been to the dentist before but I haven't gotten any photos. She was a "big girl" and sat up in the chair but was not really happy about opening her mouth for Dr. Higgs.

Ellie got a balloon for being good!

Josh, however, is an old pro and did great at getting his teeth cleaned. Next week he gets braces -- wow!!

Then Ellie got her second (ever) hair cut. I dare not even call it a cut because it was just trimming up the ends and evening it out all over. I SO wish her hair would grow! At least she's a cute little bug with short hair!

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