Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easter 2011

(This is a back post since I am so behind).

I spent a lot of time before Easter wondering how it would be. One of my favorite and most recent memories of my dad was from Easter last year. We had lunch at our house and then afterwards we had egg hunts for the kids and daddy went outside to fly kites with the kids. It was just a sweet day.

This year, Kevin's mom took us out to eat for Easter the weekend before Easter and mom took us out to eat on Easter. By the way, if you go to Red Lobster on Easter Sunday in the middle of a tornado warning, there will not be a wait to get a table. File that away for future reference.

It was a rainy kind of morning and I didn't get any really good photos of the kiddos before (or after) church.

The Easter bunny came and brought goodies to both Josh and Ellie. I love this little outfit Ellie was wearing. Her Aunt Rhonda got it for her and while it's not pjs, she likes to wear it as pjs. Check out the hair too!

Josh looks like he just rolled out of bed -- oh wait, he did!

When we got home, we had our annual egg hunt. We have separate hunts for Josh and for Ellie. Josh hides Ellies and this year we let Ellie help hide Josh's eggs.

Even though it is blurry, I love this picture of Ellie RUNNING down the hill toward an egg. She does everything with wild abandon!

Josh thought he was clever hiding Ellie's eggs in the back of her tricycle.

MeeMee helped Ellie find a few eggs.

Josh won't think the reporting of this is funny, but MAN, it was funny. While he was trying to find his eggs, he hit a muddy spot (from the rains earlier in the day) and his feet flew out from under him and down he went. I think we were all shocked and just stared at him for a bit before I managed to ask him if he was ok.

I love seeing smiles on his face -- they seem really rare these days.

And look at THIS face!! He's such a jokester sometimes.

In honor of Daddy, Josh and Kevin tried to fly Josh's new kite. They got it up once really well and then it crash landed.

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Just a note to let you know I am missing your updates. I hope your family is having a good summer.

Mary from TN