Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Look - Fresh Start

I should be entering paperwork. I should be picking up all the little magnet letters all over the floor, including the one I just fished out of the recliner while looking for the remote. But my heart screams, "BLOG" so I am.

I miss my blog. I miss "thinking" in blog style. I miss being able to look back over the past months' entries and watching our lives.

I've missed a lot in the last several months, but it hasn't been any less full; if anything, it is due to the fullness of my life that I haven't had (didn't take) time to blog.

I think, in all honesty, I've attempted my best to deal with my dad's death by making myself astronomically busy. If I were busy before, I've become off the charts lately.

After spending several months not knowing quite what to do with myself, I decided it was time to get my photography business up and running and to put in the attention it deserved. To that end, I have launched my own business, Maria Latham Photography and have honestly been thoroughly enjoying it. Of course, I still have my primary job (insurance inspections), and my real job (mom), which takes up a wee bit of my time as well. But this has been something I feel passionate about.

Josh spent his first season playing soccer as a Sycamore Middle School Knight. It was nice to be back with some of the people we started out with in sports with Josh's early on soccer years. Since then, he has done spring training with the Knights football team. He is such a great football player. I love to see him do well on the field. I love to watch him play. Football is over (it was just a two week spring program) until fall training starts in July. Even before it was over, baseball practice started. We have our first game Saturday. Since it is 13/14 league, I think we will travel a bit more than we did in year's past.

Ellie has really come into her own in the last several months, especially since turning three. I think my last post was on the eve of her birthday and party. I will try to post some photos catching up on her birthday, Easter and a few other fun things we have done in the last few months. I can't get over how long her hair is finally getting and how beautiful it is. It has the most beautiful highlights and easy curl. She has really developed a mind of her own. She likes to pick out her own clothes most all the time. Her preference: tutus or ballerina clothes. I've tried to get her signed up for a dance class but have been hitting a dead end on all turns it seems. She is definitely going to be something artistic. She loves music, dancing, being dramatic and commanding attention of others. She has done so well in preschool this year, and tomorrow night is her preschool graduation/promotion ceremony. Her class is singing several songs -- should be fun!!

During the past several months, Kevin lost his job -- only to be rehired back by the same company. We aren't sure how long this will last, so he continues to look for another job that is more suited to his background and education as well as one that is closer to home.

So much more to write and report. I think I'll just update the blog with some new photos from our lives over the last few months.

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Glad you are back!