Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween (Part I)

Tonight we started off our Halloween fun. There were three local churches who were hosting Trunk or Treat activities and we took Ellie to hit them all.
It started off hard because Ellie did NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT (see the emphasis) want to have any makeup put on her face. Now, every single day she comes into my bathroom and wants me to put make up on her. Every day. Then, finally, on a day where I told her we could do a little blush and a little eyeliner and some sparkles (minor, but just to make her happy), she throws an all out, screaming, crying hissy fit. My mother heard her from outside our house when she arrived. Needless to say, we didn't put any makeup on. She told me she "didn't want her friends to see her with makeup on." Huh? Man, have I got a lot to look forward to.
This photo is everything sans an eye-roll. I have SO much to look forward to in about ten years!!

This was the first year that Josh didn't dress up for Halloween. That made me sad. He went along with us and said he had fun, but he's growing up too, too fast.
We finally got Ellie in her (drooping wings) ladybug costume and hit the road. First stop was New Hope Free Will Baptist where we got to visit with folks we had not seen in a while. This was our first home church after we had Josh and it will always remain a special place for us. Many of our family members still go there.
Next stop was Clarksville Hwy Church of Christ. We love their Halloween festivities. They have a "Trail of Treats" that runs through the woods where you trick or treat at different stations. When you are finished you get a hayride back to the bonfire and then can walk over to hear a band and get some hotdogs, chips and drinks. It was a lot of fun there. This was my first church ever -- it is the church my parents attended when they brought me home.
And, the last stop on the rounds was at Joelton Church of Christ for their trunk or treat. Joelton was where I was baptized as a child. It was where I went most of the years I was growing up.
Finally, we headed over for dinner at the local Subway. A smoking hot Saturday night, huh? It was actually fun, though!
We are looking forward to Part II on Monday night when we will hit our church's Trunk or Treat.
Here is "the take" (minus what Ellie ate at New Hope while we visited and in the car on the way home).
(Ugh, hair in her face). She was MUCH happier after Trick or Treating than before, I can assure you of that!! Next outing, we go at Minnie Mouse.

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