Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pure Bliss

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in trying to capture the "perfect" photo that I forget that sometimes the most perfect photos are the ones that are "real". I was doing a photo shoot for my dear friend, Kirstin, yesterday at the soccer field at school. Ellie and Josh were playing on the playground when I realized I needed shade and called Josh to bring the umbrella. Ellie was so excited to get to come out on the field and "help". I captured her running across the field, hands wide, grinning from ear to ear, yelling, "Mommy!!" It was priceless.

And then there was the one of her playing UNDER the umbrella that Josh set up like a tent for her.
Ellie has discovered a love for all things Iphone too. She can operate it as well, if not better, than I can. During the photo shoot, she didn't miss a beat taking photos alongside me.
Isn't it great when your iphone matches your outfit? :-) Leave it to Els to be concerned about that.
And, finally, it was a good shoot. Those of you who have known me *forever* know that I used to babysit Kirstin and her brother Braiden. I started when Kirstin was in kindergarten. I have been "Miseria" to them for years and watched the grow like they were mine. What a blessing to get to take photos of Kirstin now! She has grown into such a fantastic young woman. I have a feeling we just might see her in the Olympics one day. I hope I'll be able to be there cheering her on -- and, of course, snapping a few photos of her!

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