Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas with Grandmother

One of the things that has been MOST frustrating lately is the fact that my GOOD camera is broken. I have had (taken) the time to call and send it in for repair so I'm stuck with a snappy digital. FRUSTRATING. Anyway, I digress.

Saturday morning was Christmas with Santa at Grandmother's nursing home. We all went over for breakfast, took Grandmother's gifts and got to see Santa (which really excited Ellie who got to remind him about her "Barbie toys!").

MeeMee takes Ellie to see Santa:

This girl LOVES her some Santa:

Why exactly is NO ONE looking at the camera?

Since my camera is kaplut, I don't have any more pictures from the day. Apparently, if I can stick the camera in my pocket I forget to take pictures until the event is almost over. *sigh*

Here are a few pictures of Ellie in front of our tree before church the next day.

This girl is SO sassy!

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