Monday, December 27, 2010

Ellie's Preschool Christmas Pageant

How did that whole Christmas event slip by so quickly and I didn't manage to capture one bit of it in words?

I'll try to make it all up here.

I had a great "plan of action" whereby I had each day planned right down to the time Ellie and Josh got out of school. Then the bad weather came and shot that right out of the water.

Ellie's preschool did manage to make it back to school long enough to have their pageant. It was SO SWEET. Her class was angels. And, of course, there was drama with me. My camera broke several weeks ago and I haven't taken the time to send it in for repair. BUT, I asked my mom to bring hers so I wasn't concerned. I called her as I was pulling in to the church to see where she was and she was "clocking down" and stopping at the post office. All of a sudden she uttered, "Oh No! I've locked my keys in the car!" Lots of phone calls were sent around trying to find someone to unlock her car as it was freezing cold. Finally, a local fire fighter called someone and they got it unlocked. She called to tell me she was on her way and the pageant was already over. We were both just broken-hearted about it.

Ellie, however, did a great job!! She came out on stage and I could tell she was nervous as she was laying over on the arm of one of her classmates. Josh and I were sitting a few rows back and I was waving, trying to let her see us. When she did, her face just lit up (it was SO sweet) and she waved and then pointed out to us and loudly told her friend, "THERE'S MY BUBBA!" Josh's face lit up too -- you could tell it made him proud.

I did manage to snap a few (really bad quality) phone photos of Ellie. I have another mom in the class who told me she got several of Ellie, so I'm waiting to get those (maybe when we get back to school).

Posing in her classroom after the event!
Adorable angel!

It was a sweet pageant, re-creating the birth of Jesus and with the kids singing some really sweet songs. What a blessing this little ones were!! And, I'd be remiss to not admit that I thought my sweetie was the cutest one there!! :-)

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Lori said...

I HATE that you didn't have a camera (and the key escapade, but that's SO familiar to me!) but the pictures you did get show how precious that little angel is!!! xoxoxoxo