Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And I Thought My Day Was Bad

I had a horrible day on Tuesday.

Ellie started running a fever at Dee'Anna's Monday, but we both thought it was likely a sinus infection because her nose was so runny. Since Josh had an appointment for Tuesday morning, I called to see if they could see Ellie too. There's a real bonus in having the same pediatrician treating both kids now!

Ellie continued to run a fever all night Monday night and cried and had trouble sleeping, waking up frequently. This, in turn, meant not a lot of sleep for mom and dad either.

Josh couldn't have food after midnight. I'm sorry to report we ALL saw midnight -- and it was HOT. Apparently, our air conditioner was on the fritz (yes, it's only two years old).

The next morning we all gathered up our stuff and headed to the doctor. Kevin called the AC repair folks who couldn't see us until after 5:00 and then only for an after hours fee. What's $20 for air when it's in the high 90s outside??

At the doctor's office, Ellie didn't feel good and was cranky and Josh was seriously nervous over having his blood drawn and was fidgety. It was a LONG time in the doctor's office. Plus, trying to remember everything I needed to for two kids while they are tearing down the room became a wee bit challenging.

Imagine, when out of the clear blue, the doctor tells me Ellie has strep throat. Well ... I didn't see THAT coming. Fortunately, Josh's blood work came out fine and there is a pharmacy IN the doctor's office so we were able to do everything we needed there before leaving. Of course, Ellie took her shoes off THREE times before we could make it out the door and the front desk lady felt the need to point out that Josh really didn't need to be eating suckers for breakfast. {Well, maybe you could provide a healthy buffet for those kids who have to be here before they can eat, eh?} Yes, that was sarcasm. It just hit me the wrong way, I suppose.

After thirty minutes of continuous fighting among the children in the back seat on the way home, I was ready to throw in the towel and consider myself "whupped".

Afterwards, we headed back home but wasn't able to stay there long because the heat continued to rise up to 87* in the house. I got paperwork together, had Josh get movies/books/entertainment and got Ellie's "bankies" and we headed out. We couldn't GO anywhere because she was contagious, but with it being nap time, I could work. And that I did.

It took TWO visits by TWO different AC men to get the air "fixed". I have that in quotes because technically it's still not "fixed" but only temporarily fixed until they can get a part they need to replace. BUT... the air is working, and that makes me happy.

And, then I came home to read about the continued fighting in Kyrgyzstan. I saw the following images and realized that I have NOTHING to complain about in my life. Things could be SO much worse. These images are just SO devastating. The riots continue between the Uzbeks and the Kyrgyz. I continue to pray.

This is a photo of soldiers helping Uzbeks trying to cross the border. If I understand correctly, some border crossings have been closed and there are literally THOUSANDS of women and children in makeshift housing all along the border. Notice that these guards are all holding babies.

This is one man's reaction to finding his home burned during the riots.
This is the most disturbing photo -- Uzbeks digging mass graves to bury those killed during the fighting.
My day just doesn't seem as bad after seeing these photos.

Interesting information from an online report on Yahoo News said, "Izzat Ibragimov, deputy head of Uzbek emergency services in Andijan district, said there were 60,000 refugees across Andijan alone and that did not include children. In the eastern Khujaobad district, Ikromiddin Valiyev, an official organising refugee accommodation on the grounds of a factory, said 2,500 refugees had arrived since Saturday. Estimates on the numbers of refugees fleeing into Uzbekistan vary, but several officials say the total could top 100,000."

100,000 refugees.

The same report used this phrase, "Bodies littered the street."

Police have arrested 111 people suspected of instigating unrest. They called the attacks, "orchestrated".

The Red Cross is reported as saying, "This is far from over." It is unclear if they mean the dire situation with all the refugees who have been displaced or with the rioting.

Pray, please, for peace.


Jeanne said...

It is truly a horrible situation in KG.

Mayme said...

Thank God you didn't have 3 day old chicken sitting in a bag in your 90 degree home:)

Isn't it interesting how once upon a time you might not have even noticed what was going in that part of the world but now it's become a part of your life. Everytime I hear or see something about China I'm instantly drawn to it. I'm constantly saving news clippings, etc. for Emma who may or may not care about them some day but I feel like I owe it to her.

Hope Ellie is feeling better!

Lori said...

Truly...just heart breaking. So many prayers.