Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly Recap

Much like my friend Mayme, I think I might have to go to weekly updates on my blog. While it makes me sad because I LOVE to blog, we are just running 1000 miles an hour lately and I just can't seem to find the time to get it all done.

We had VBS all week at church. It was SO MUCH fun. I worked in the crafts area, which was a lot of fun because I love crafts and I got to see almost all the kids that way. If you want to see some awesome pix of the week, visit this Facebook page. There are even some cute ones of Ellie there!!

Doesn't she look pouty???
VBS ran from 8:30 - 12 each day so most of my day was filled with that. Josh took his friend Jarret to VBS and spent a couple of afternoons with him swimming and playing video games while I worked.
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights we had our last three baseball games. We won two of the three. Why is it they decided to come on strong on the last two games but couldn't pull out a win throughout the season? I don't know, but I will certainly tell you that this has been the absolute longest baseball season I have ever endured and would ask Josh to give up baseball if I had to endure another season like this one. I won't go into details in order to spare the feelings of those who might read the blog, but I will say it was the absolute worst baseball season we have ever had. Josh played well, don't get me wrong. He had two out of the park hits, one of which was a grand slam. He learned to pitch and could have improved substantially had he had more game time practice, but did well, nonetheless. Other than that, well, not so much. I'd like to say we'll look back on it and laugh. I doubt it. I am awaiting pictures from trophy night as *surprise, surprise* my battery died after taking ONE picture. I asked another mom to take some and as soon as she emails them, I'll post them. When I don't even feel like taking pictures, you know it's bad.

Saturday was a BUSY day for us. We met with Hotdog and her family for a mini-playdate as they passed through town on their way to vacation. After that, we went to our friend Cooper's first birthday party. It was outside and HOT HOT HOT. We didn't stay long as we had to move along to my grandmother's "Senior Prom" at the nursing home. We actually had a lot of family time fun there. I left the house around 10 that morning and never returned until 9:30 that night. I'm hopeful that this next week will not find so much activity.

Here are the photos from Saturday's fun:

Have you ever seen such a happy boy??

The kids all got cool Shrek watches.

I love this kid!!

The $1 princess ring/earring set was the hit of the party. Hotdog LOVES jewelry!

Isn't this sweet? He put earrings on all the girls' ears.

Look how serious Ellie is about this!

These two became FAST friends. I think they could be "T"rouble if they were together too long *smile*.

A lot of play leaves a lot of tired little bodies (lying around):

We were sad to see them leave because we LOVE visiting with them and watching the kiddos play, but they had several more hours to travel until their next stop.

I'm hoping to "steal" a few pictues of Ellie and the birthday boy from my friend's Facebook page, but she hasn't uploaded them yet. Stay tuned!! Did I mention how HOT it was there?? :-)

After the birthday party we headed over to my grandmother's where they were having a "Senor Prom" for all the residents of her nursing home. Other than the fact that it was INCREDIBLY HOT (see a theme here?) inside, we had a nice time. We helped grandmother get dressed and then went down and had snacks and let the kids play and watched the residents dance at their prom. They even had a King and Queen of the prom. Sweet!!

Grandmother's "pretties":

We figured out that MeeMee and Ellie wore matching outfits so they must be each other's "Date". Here they are delivering a book to Ms. Kay.

Grandmother looking all pretty:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Josh and my mom.

Kevin and Grandmother (who looks like she's trying to go to sleep, I think!)

Group shots:

(Oh, it's time for post placement visits, can this be one of our "family" shots?? *smile*)

And I LOVE this picture of these two going out to see the birds.

MeeMee giving Grandmother a smooch:

Prom decorations:

Play time while we waited for the Prom to start:

Learning to "snap" her fingers:

Patty-cake with Daddy:

Pattycake with Bubba:

Giggles with Bubba:

Dancing with her prom date!

Snacks -- YUM!

Grandkids acting silly with MeeMee:

Prom King and Queen:

This cracked me up. All night long, Ellie wanted to ride in MeeMee's cart with Josh pulling her. She looked like a piece of luggage that Josh was rolling around!

All in all, it was a great day! This week brings preparations for Father's Day and preparations for Josh to leave for 4-H camp for a week. Ellie's babysitter is going on vacation for a while so the week Josh is gone for 4H, Ellie will be home with me, Kevin and/or Nana through the week. We are going to hit the potty training hard that week. I'm hopeful for a sedate/slow week this week!!

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Lori said...

Hey--if it has to be only weekly, but they are filled with amazing pictures like this one, I can manage that!! I LOVED them!!! Holy COW were Pudding's feet total proof of how much fun he was having???

I LOVE Ellie's outfit--that may have to be a keeper if Miney's a girl!!!

Love you!

sec. word is emisane---surely there has to be some way to use that...