Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Movie Review: Then She Found Me

Those of you who know me well know I really like to sleep. It's an indulgence that I have gotten less of in recent years, but as Ellie has gotten older and slept better, I'm pleased to report that I DO get more of it. However, I have "funkitis" and cannot sleep. It's 5:15 in the morning -- not early to some, but an UNGODLY hour to me and I'm just wide away and coughing up a lung. So, instead of flipping and flopping in the bed with disgust at my inability to sleep, I thought why not update the ole' blog with a post that doesn't have photos -- since my memory card is in the car?

I've started doing a new job -- well, technically, it's just an addition to the job I already have. Now I'm reviewing other inspectors' work -- quality assurance -- who work in Florida on an account that the company for whom I work has (somehow, grammatically, that sentence looks wrong, oh well ... you'll remember it's early and I've not had coffee and I AM on medication!!). Because I can do this from home, it's a blessing, but because my mind requires multi-tasking, I've found that something good has to be on the television while I work or I just get bored out of my mind. With the recent technology of Netflix, we can stream movies to the TV instantly and I have literally thousands of movies and television shows at my disposal.

Last night, while Kevin and Ellie graciously agreed to go get my medicines, I decided to get busy working and watching a movie. I chose a movie I had never heard of called Then She Found Me, starring Helen Hunt, Colin Firth, Bette Midler and Matthew Broderick. I'm not sure if this movie went directly to DVD or if I just have wandered around in la-la land because I'm certain it would have caught the attention of my adoption radar if I'd heard of it.

The description of the movie calls it a "comedic tale about a put-upon school teacher in the thick of a mid-life crisis. It starts with a messy divorce, the death of her adoptive mother and a reunion with her eccentric birthmother. But things only get more complicated when she begins dating a man who turns out to be the father of one of her students." The description doesn't really do the movie justice, honestly. While I had some issues with some of the language (probably one of the reasons it is rated R), the movie concept and story were beautiful. It explores the desires of a woman (Hunt) who is about to turn 40 who goes through a series of emotionally heart-breaking events including losing her adoptive mom, how she wants a child but is getting a divorce, discovers a real relationship only to find she is pregnant with her ex-husband's child, loses that child to miscarriage, reuniting her birthmom, who is less than honest, but terribly funny. The movie explores the relationship between her and her birthmom (although not in an in-depth/heavy way), the feelings of Hunt regarding being adopted versus her brother, who was not, Hunt's feelings toward adoption versus having a "child of her own" and her attempts at in-vitro. It comes to a "tidy" closing with the ends wrapping all up neatly -- unfortunately, not like real life always is, but in a way that movie viewers will appreciate and with a bit of a surprise. I saw many parallels to my own life in it, ironically.

Watched with a light air and taken for a comedy, it's a wonderful movie. My understanding, from reader/friend, Jeanne, is there is a book. I might just have to try to find it and read it.

If you have the time and inclination, check the movie out.


Jeanne said...

Plus Colin Firth is such a hunk! You can borrow my book if you want.

Jackie said...

I think I might just have to rent that one :) And yes, I agree with Jeanne...Colin Firth is a hunk!

Lori said...

Hate that you don't feel well...and I'm with Jeanne and Jackie---LOVE ME some Colin Firth...I just may have to stream Pride and Prejudice!!!