Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week in Review

Sit back and get ready because there is a LOT of blogging about to happen. I've been busy as a bee the last few weeks and haven't blogged much so I'm throwing it ALL into one post and calling it a day.

I've started doing quality assurance review for the company I work for so I feel like I have two jobs instead of one. Now in addition to going out in the field and completing inspections, I'm reviewing work of inspectors in Florida. I'm glad to get the money, of course, but squeezing a little more into my week is proving a bit challenging -- especially at summer time.

We joined the Y this past week so that we could use the pool (Kevin IS cleaning ours out) and for Josh (and seriously the entire family NEEDS TO) to begin exercising more. He has started a youth strength training class today that runs for four weeks. After that, he will be able to use all the equipment at the Y (except free weights). I hoping he can teach me then and we can "work out" together. :-) While he is at his class, Ellie and Daddy are going to enjoy the pool. Unfortunately, I'm here working. Josh and I went to the pool this week and after half an hour, he decided he was "bored" because he didn't have anyone to play with and we left. *sigh* Mental note: next time be sure to take a friend or stay home.

Josh finished up his pitching lessons last week. I sent the camera with his dad but Josh was a bit mortified that he might have to STAND BESIDE his teacher and get a photo so he convinced dad to take some of them "in action." They aren't the greatest (not knocking Kevin, it was just hard to take through a net), but at least he'll have something to remember it by.

Speaking of pitching, Josh got to pitch in a game this week. He did a really good job at pitching, however, he does need a little more experience in picking people off at the bases as he made two errors in that area. All in all though, considering the very small amount of actual game time experience he has had, he did REALLY WELL. His accuracy has improved a LOT and his speed is incredible. We are hopeful that he will continue to improve with some more lessons next year. It was dark when I took these and they were just too grainy for me to like so I converted them to black and white. I kind of like the look.

Check out this look he is giving!

It was funny watching this interaction transpire. Caleb (on second) was on Josh's team a few years back and they play football together. Josh turned, looked at him and Caleb shook his head "No". Funny!

On Tuesday this week, we went to Dragon Park. This is a park with a concrete dragon sculpture, designed by Pedro Silva that is tiled with the tiles forming different pictures all around it. It's a beautiful piece of art and is also something for the kids to climb and play on. For more pictures of Dragon Park and the sculpture, visit here. The images are just beautiful.

I got some really good pictures of Josh on the dragon.

Here are a few closeups of the tile art:

And a few of the entire dragon (broke up in pieces because it is so large):

Of course, Ellie didn't want to be left out of the picture taking action:

Doesn't she look tiny in comparison?

There is also a stone wall with a pipe running through it for the kiddos to play in. Josh and Ellie both liked the wall. My tomboy, Ellie, thought climbing was "the bomb". (This tomboy nature of hers will explain why she currently has not one, but TWO bruises on her face. She is certainly not a girly-girl!!)

This photo turned out dark, and I wish I could re-create it because for some reason I LOVE it.

Of course, the reason we were even AT Dragon Park was to go meet our friends for a playdate. Here are Ellie, C. and J. playing on a sort-of teeter-totter ride. Josh was on the other end bouncing them up and down and they were having a BLAST!!

Look at these sweet faces!!

After the park, we went to C. and J.'s house were their mom fixed us the most WONDERFUL homemade pizza. Seriously, people, this was some good pizza -- homemade crust and the works -- YUM!!! The kids played outside in the wading pool. We didn't think to bring Ellie or Josh any swimwear, so Ellie borrowed one of J's and Josh made do. They had a blast!!

I am SO GLAD we are blessed to have not one, but TWO Kyrygz kiddos in our area. I know these friendships will mean so much to all three of them as they grow up. I know they already mean a lot to me!!

In addition to the above fun, we managed to squeeze in a physical for Josh at his new doctor, free Spicy chicken sandwiches at Chick Fil A last night and free Krispy Kreme donuts yesterday in honor of National Donut Day. Can't beat free donuts.

I hope your week was as fun as ours. Stay tuned to more NEXT week when we have VBS all week, three ballgames, trophy night for the baseball team, Father's Day, a birthday party, Josh's strength training and, well, work to squeeze in there somewhere!!

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