Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Josh is Gone to Camp

I'm SO out of order on my posts this week, but I want to capture a lot that's going on -- even if I can't seem to do it on the right day!

Monday Josh left for 4H Camp. He was really excited. I know he was glad to get out of the house and get to go do some fun stuff instead of being "BORED". Apparently mowing the yard and cleaning his room isn't providing the recreational entertainment he was hoping for this summer. *smile*

As an added bonus, Kevin is taking some vacation days and is volunteering a couple of days as a counselor. I'm not sure if HE is considering it a bonus, since the temps are hovering around 100* every day, but I know it means a lot to Josh to have him there for a few days. Since he's not with Josh the entire time, I'm sure it's nicer for him. Lord knows we don't want to embarrass him. *smile*

He would only allow one picture of him -- pulling his luggage to the car. Apparently, Kevin tried to take a photo of him today in front of the Black Hawk helicopter that came for them to see and he told him he did NOT want him taking a picture of him. Smart Kevin got his camera phone out and is snapping pix of him while he's not looking. Man, have I got a great husband or what??? Hopefully, they will turn out.

I have missed both him and Kevin a lot, but Ellie and I have enjoyed some sweet one-on-one time. Nana came today and got to play with Ellie the whole day while I worked. Ellie kept Nana cracking up.

When I talked to Josh tonight, he was hoarse. Apparently, they spend the day screaming -- who knew?? I'm sure when I pick him up on Friday, he'll be exhausted, cranky, hot and hungry. My boy will be back!!

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