Sunday, June 6, 2010

Will Pee Pee for "Chokit"

Last night Ellie said, "Pee Pee!!" while she was sitting in her high chair. I asked if she wanted to go to the potty. She said, "NO!". I said, well if you go to potty you get some candy. THEN she wanted to go. I took her in there, sat her down and left and immediately heard the potty music playing. WHOO HOO. I got her a piece of chocolate (it was the only candy I could find!!) and gave it to her and she ran running through the house yelling, "CHOKIT!! CHOKIT!!"

This morning, when we were getting ready for church, she wanted to potty and went in the big potty. She didn't ask for "CHOKIT" because apparently she had already talked her daddy into a piece just before she pottied.

Whatever works!! Two weeks we are going to be serious -- buy the panties and the works. While Dee'Anna is on vacation and Josh is at 4H, we are going to spend some serious time pottying, or would that be "partying"???

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Jeanne said...

That's what we're doing this summer, too. "Chokit" works here just as well! The problem is that G. wants candy even if he just goes through the motions but nothing happens!