Monday, September 20, 2010

Feeding the Horses

Today as we were driving home from school we saw the neighborhood horses out and Ellie said, "HORSES!" with a big smile. I asked her if she'd like to walk back over and feed them some apples. She said, "YES!" in her characteristic happy voice.

We cut up some apples and Ellie worked on eating all the white parts out of them as we walked over to see the horses.

Once we saw them, she started running toward them:

Here she is saying, "C'mon mama, run!"

The horses were VERY excited to find out that we had apples!

This ...

... is as close as she wanted to get to them.

When we ran out of apples, she waved bye to them.

On our way back home, she saw the neighbor's flowers and wanted to stop. She ALWAYS (and I mean always) stops to smell the flowers. She does this every afternoon at preschool too.

Such a precious girl!

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