Saturday, September 4, 2010

Halloween Party

You might, like me, be asking, "Isn't it a little early for a Halloween party?"

Why yes, it is.

Which is why I cannot figure, for the life of me, WHY, at least four times a day Ellie asks about a Halloween party.

The first time she brought it up, I was just amazed that she could say the word, much less know what it was. Then she kept saying, "Halloween party??" and finally I told her it wasn't time for one yet. She said, "Ooooohhhh." Then she wanted to know about a costume. Well, yes, we do have some. We went upstairs and looked at the Tinkerbell one, the Barney one and the Elmo one. She put on the Tinkerbell one and wore it around for a while.

I'm just amazed by her every day -- at how much she picks up on and how quickly she understands things. I suppose by the time a real Halloween party rolls around I will be fully exhausted with telling her, "It's not for a while yet." But we'll get some great dress up pictures between now and then.

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Khakismum said...

Maybe The Princess just wants to dress up. That is the fun of Halloween. Get the costumes out and let her dress up! :-)