Monday, September 13, 2010

Vikings Soar over Eagles: 43-12

After the moving 9/11 tribute early in the day, the Vikings got down to some football. All three age divisions won on Saturday. The 11/12 team (Josh's team) scored big and played hard, even in the face of multiple flags being thrown and touchdowns being called back.

Josh was smoking AGAIN this week (and I'm not just a proud mama!), with multiple tackles, assists and a sack. I honestly felt bad for the quarterback when Josh picked him up and sacked him. That had to hurt. That's why mamas aren't football coaches.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day -- and all of them aren't of Josh this time.

We have the cutest cheerleaders:

These boys were ALL OVER the field in the weirdest positions:

But, even though all the pictures aren't of Josh this week, I would be remiss if several of them weren't of him!

Taking down the quarterback once:

And twice:

Who, me?

Proud of my boy!!

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Lori said...

Those pictures are AWESOME!