Saturday, September 4, 2010

THIS is what we do for fun ...


I'll go ahead and say it now. The other night, Josh came in with some of Kevin's rubber gloves he uses for work. He decided he would put one on his head because he'd just seen something like it on America's Funniest Home Videos. We decided that he looked like either a) a Super Hero or b) a chicken*. That was all it took. Here is the funny, but sad, evidence of our fun!!

I hope you get the laughs we got out of it.

This girl is PROUD to wear her chicken/glove/hat.

It appears they BOTH are proud.

Then they talked Daddy into the mix. He had a little more trouble getting it on his head.

He's going to KILL me when he sees this.

The contrast between Princess chair and Chicken Head is priceless. Don't you think?

So, like, are they pretending to be chickens and pecking the ground or what?

Ellie and Josh got so tickled, they fell in the floor laughing -- a literal ROTFL.

I am CERTAINLY a blessed woman, aren't I?

*No real chickens were harmed in the making of this ridiculousness -- unless they were so mortified they fell over in embarrassment.


Jeanne said...

OK, I think it should be your holiday card this year!!

Honeycombs said...

Your 3 chickens made me smile. Good to see chickens having so much fun. Thank you.

Heather Field said...

well, like I tell Charley, don't go posing for the camera unless you expect to see it on the blog!