Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vikings Sting Yellowjackets

Josh's football team had their season opener last Saturday. It was against the team that knocked us out of contention for the Super Bowl last year. Needless to say, our boys were out for revenge -- and found it. It was a slaughter with the final score 40-6.

I LOVE taking pictures of the football games for pictures like the ones below. Every year, the cheerleaders have a banner for the guys to run through. Apparently, however, no one put a small rip in the top of this banner and the first kid who hit it literally bounced back off it, fell down, rolled up in it and got back up and kept running. The looks on all the boys' faces was priceless!! It is ineresting to note that in every game that someone has fallen down coming in, our team has won. When several kids fell down this time, I told the coach, "We are going to win big this game." We did. Odd!

Notice #7 is starting to turn sideways.

He hits the ground:

Rolls up in the paper:

Check out the faces on all the kids:

And he's back up and at 'em:

And then several more hit the ground:

Josh was a team captain for this game.

Josh trying to deflect a pass:

Does he not look like he's saying, "Oh my goodness, what a mess!"

Josh always seems to get tangled up with the "big ole' boys" -- left.

Josh and Scott, looking like they have nothing to do but stand around and visit!

Since it was picture day, I got a "wild hair" to make Ellie a tutu to wear to get her picture made with Josh. Last year, Josh was having NONE of having his picture made with Ellie. This year, he was prepared; she was not. She fell asleep on the way there and wasn't awake enough to warm up to the photographer and I'm sure I've spent money on a picture that will be ... interesting.

However, I did catch a few of them myself and a few of her with some of her "fwends".

Ellie loves to play in the grass and the dirt -- the tutu was NO distraction for her.

This was an "accident" photo, but I love it!

This is what happens when it's hot and naptime.

I love this one of her. Doesn't she look "grown up"?? She needs to stay right at this age -- then again, considering the pellets up the nose and the "into everything" -- maybe not.

How did I ever get so lucky to have such handsome/beautiful kids??

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