Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fun with our Kentucky Friends

We've been TRYING for months to get Ellie and "Hotdog" and "Pudding" together to play, but when they have four kiddos and we have two kiddos, the schedules don't often match up.

We were excited that all kiddos were off on Election Day and we could meet up in Bowling Green for the two Tokmok Princesses to have some play time. We were even more blessed that Little #2, Pudding, was able to come because we LOVE some Pudding!!

We met at a indoor play place and spent a couple of hours letting the kids just PLAY PLAY PLAY!! They had so much time and Allison and I got some great adult visiting time!!

Then we had lunch at Wendy's and they were SO GOOD and we had such a nice time.

I so hope we can do it again REALLY SOON!! Ellie loves her BFF Hotdog and her brother Pudding!!

This SO captures the essence of Pudding!! He and Ellie are kindred spirits!

The kiddos ALL loved the train table -- which caused me to purchase one at the recent consignment sale - $25!! -- and played there a LOT!

The playhouse was another big hit:

Jumping Jacks!!


My little gymnast!

Hoping to "steal" a picture of the three of them at Wendy's from Allison -- soon!

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