Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am so proud of Josh's 11/12 Joelton Vikings football team!! They went to and WON the 2010 Middle Tennessee Junior Pro Football Super Bowl last weekend.

We have been SO CRAZY busy for the last two weeks I've been SUCH a blog stalker, but I'm going to TRY to catch up, best I can. I still have over 700 photos to edit from the Superbowl. Yes, I'm a bit of an overachiever with a "can't-say-no" complex. I need therapy. :-)

Josh's team faced the White House Warriors. Two years ago, when we went to the Super Bowl and won, it was facing White House. Both teams had the same record: 10-0. Both teams beat their opponents at about the same scores each week. I'll be honest, I was a bit nervous.

We had come through play-offs against Portland (a dirty on-the-field brawl ensued and the police had to be called -- HORRIBLE sportmanship on the part of Portland), and a clean but good, tight second round playoff game against the Greenbrier Bobcats to advance us to this point.

Our boys were READY to play, though, and came through defeating the Warriors 33-6!!! It was a priceless experience and I'm so glad that Josh has gotten the experiences and coaching he has had for the past six years.

Some interesting facts about his team this year: they scored 373 points to their opponents 55. They had 2878 offensive yards, 59 touchdowns, 658 tackles/assists and 17 sacks over the course of 11 games.

Josh's stats for the year were: 44 Tackles 21 Assists 3 Fumble Recovery 1 Safety and 3 Sacks. We are just so proud of how well he did this year!!

The Bakers rented a limo for the boys to travel "in style" to the game, held in Portland, and we all caravaned to the event. It was a lot of fun. After our win, Coach Mike took the team to Hooters to celebrate. I suppose that's heaven for this age group.

And, on to a few Super Bowl photos. There are so many, it's hard to narrow it down to a few, but here you go!

My two kiddos before the game:

Ellie got "gussied up" for the cold day!

The LIMO!!

The team:


The caravan leaves the park:

Arriving at the Superbowl:

Last minute preparations:

Superbowl Champions to be:


Final Score:

Getting the trophy:

The trophy:

Josh and Scott:

Josh, Scott, Dave and Coach Jeff:

And our year-end book cover (to be). I took over 4100 photos of this season, all ready to be compiled into our year-end book!! The "2010" numbers came from our kids' jerseys.

And so, that's the end of a successful year, end of a journey for us as a Viking -- well, except that we have a tournment in Owensboro this weekend, a game where our line is merging with a Donelson team and going to Birmingham the weekend of Thanksgiving, a tournament in Donelson AND the All-stars team game and the banquet. I suspect that will take us up to Christmas. Then I need a break -- I need to clean my house!!

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