Thursday, November 18, 2010

Letter H

Last night, Ellie woke up crying and screaming. It was Kevin's night (smile) to get up with her. She didn't want to calm down and he finally took her downstairs where they both fell asleep on the couch. Tonight I had a conversation with Ellie about what happened last night. It was a RIOT!! It went like this:

Me: Ellie why did you wake up last night crying? Were you having a dream.
Ellie: Yes
Me: What were you dreaming about?
Ellie: Letter H
Me: Letter H?
Ellie: Yes
Me: Was it scary? Is that why you had to go downstairs?
Ellie: No. I had to color it.

Oh. Well, there you have it. The thought processes that she has lately is amazing. I asked her today what Santa did. She said, "Brings toys." I asked her what kind of toys he was bringing her and she said, "Princess toys." I asked her what toys he was bringing Josh and she said, after a thoughtful pause, "Boy toys".

They MUST be talking about the days of the week at school because she is FASCINATED with the calendar on the refrigerator and what we write on it. We have to go through the calendar with her telling her what is going to happen on what day. She is very well aware that Josh's birthday is on Sunday and Daddy's birthday is on Monday. When I asked her what we were going to do for their birthday she told me we were having a party with cake and presents and that MeeMee and DeeDee and Nana was coming and Josh was going to blow out a candle. Spot on, that girl!!

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