Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Day I'll Look Back and Laugh

I really, really want to look back and laugh, but I suppose I'll have to remember in order to laugh. Today was "one of those days" all the way around.

Kevin had to be at work really early in Dickson today so I was up with the chickens to make sure everyone got where they needed to be. Josh did NOT want to get ready and we spent a lot of time bickering over where his shoes were, his socks, had he brushed his teeth, combed his hair, hurry up we are running late, come on, eat breakfast, oh it's too late, take it with you. And all the while Ellie running her own narrative in the background about blankets and potties and poptarts and juice and cats and dogs and where's daddy and where are we going. And, all of this process took place between 6:30 and 7:00. Oy.

I finally get Josh and Ellie into the car to leave and the gas light is on. Oh well, no time, gonna have to chance it. I had received a call from neighbor Kelly asking me to take one sock and $5 to her son who had left them at home (see, it's universal) so I stopped by and got it out of the mailbox to deliver. Josh indicates to me, casually, that his stomach is hurting. I figure it's random and pretty much ignore it. We are having a conversation about how horrible his room is and how he had to clean it up when he got home because I am tired of sticking to the floor so I figured he was trying to get me off topic.

Almost there and he says his stomach is REALLY hurting. I asked him if he wanted me to stop at the store to get him some Tums and he said yes. I got those, Ellie some Cheetos (yes, a balanced meal for breakfast) and got back in the car. We are trying to figure how to get back into school traffic when he flings the door open and throws up repeatedly every where. Oh. Yay. Gross.

I swear I probably drove around that gas station parking lot three times trying to figure whether I should take him home, to the doctor ... WHAT to do. Then I got my mind about me and realized he couldn't go to school, and that I still had a sock to deliver. *smile* I delivered the sock and money and told them not to bother to give me the "Your Kid Isn't At School" automated phone call beause I knew it as he was in my car throwing up. [As an added bonus: I go that call anyway]. We had a conversation about the new ridiculous "five parent days per year" policy and I left. At this point, Josh points out to me that there is yuck all over my side runners, the door and the door jamb. I think that I will go out to the car wash and blow it off quickly. I had no cash when I go there. Surprise. I had planned to stop at the Dollar General as we used the last of the toilet paper this morning but I had a puker and a baby. I passed it up. My neighbor Kelly brought me some -- what a good friend.

We get back home and I get Ellie in and Josh in and laying down and I go back out to spray off the car. That was fun -- not. Ugh.

I come back in and begin to get Miss "I will NOT do anything that you want me to if you are remotely stressed" ready for preschool while checking on Josh. I get Ellie ready for school and take her to drop her off. It has been such a bad morning so I stop at McD's to get coffee and a sprite for Josh. I think I'll get him a movie from Redbox. The Redbox machine was broken. Surprise. I got the coffee and spilled it on me before I got it home. When I got back home, Josh was fast asleep -- where he stayed all day.

It's been a crazy day all around -- every time I turned around I did something crazy. At one point, I knocked a cup of cat food into the floor, almost fell and busted my rump when I got up to answer the phone (in socks) on the hardwood floor. This is because Josh though the air freshner was a can of Febreeze dust spray and now the floors are UBER slick.

I've gone through nearly a can of Lysol. Poor Josh slept 90% of the day and finally took a wee bit of Sprite tonight. I'm not sure if he'll be able to go to school tomorrow or not.

His birthday is Sunday. Kevin's is Monday. It's another busy weekend ahead.

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