Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween 2010

I am behind AND out of order in my posts, but better late than never is my new motto. I've had the annual "fall crud" for about two weeks and have felt TOTALLY overwhelmed with all I have to do and literally try to just get everything done that HAS to be done each day.

Halloween was A LOT of fun this year. Ellie had been talking about Halloween, Trick-or-Treating and "CANGEE" for weeks. We had several costumes to pick from since in Tennessee you can have sub-zero temperatures or 80* in October. We had an Elmo costume and a ladybug costume that never made "the cut" as it wasn't quite cool enough. Fortunately, Snow White and Tinkerbell DID make the cut and we had some fun at a Mother's Day Out party, a preschool party, a party at Grandmother's nursing home, dressing up at Josh's play-off game, doing a Trail of Treats on Saturday night, and then attending our church's Harvest Festival on Sunday, followed by trick-or-treating in Josh's friend Braiden's neighborhood (of course, Braiden's mom is my friend too!!!).

Josh decided he would dress up as CAMO MAN this year and he looked so grown up and handsome. There was a twinge in my heart when I saw the pictures and realized how fast he is changing on me.

We did some serious hair rolling during Halloween!

Snow White's "get-up":

It was early and Cinderella was COLD!!

Ellie and Addie at MDO. Addie kept telling her mom that Ellie was a princess!

Ellie and her fried Caleb. Look at the LOOK on her face:


Ellie's BLING:

At her Preschool party, she dressed up as a Kyrgyz princess. Isn't she beautiful?

Her class party:

Checking out her goodies:

Decorating pumpkins with stickers:

Looks a lot like her mama, I think!!

GRANDMOTHER'S Harvest Festival at the Nursing Home:

Tinkerbell arrives:

Tinkerbell and her brother (who needs a haitcut and maybe a change of attitude from the looks of this photo):

Grandmother didn't want to go outside, so we opened the shades in her room and enjoyed the fun from inside. I was still able to catch some pictures through the window(surprise!):

Ellie LOVED the cotton candy:


After a fun day of football, we headed over to the Church of Christ for a Trail of Treats -- an outdoor run through the woods collecting candy! Look at the faces of these two happy kiddos when we got home!

Then came "the sort". Josh has done this every year since he was little. He "organizes" the candy.

Then they put it all back in their pumpkins;

The NEXT day was actually Halloween and we were back to Snow White -- for mama AND Ellie, a CAMO MAN for Josh!

This "hands on hip" look cracks me up:

She was SO SO SO excited about trick-or-treating:

My babies:

Look at how she is squatting like Josh:


Harvest Festival at Church:

Ellie and Macy:

Ellie and Elaina:

Ellie LOVED this bunny from the Alice in Wonderland trunk:

COOL car:

We stopped by MeeMee and DeeDee's for some Halloween presents (aren't grandparents great??).

It was a GREAT Halloween!!

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