Friday, November 26, 2010

Catching Up!! Happy Thanksgving, birthday, anniversary

Yes, I got a little (read a lot) behind on my blogging. Life was so crazy the last six weeks of football that I feel like I nearly lost my mind. In fact, there are parts of it that I'm certain are still gone!! So I'm back posting to update the blog so that I can reflect a little on what our life was like over the past month. THEN... it's going to be my goal to blog much more frequently from here on out.

From my last post on Josh's 13th birthday, we followed up by celebrating (very quietly) Kevin's birthday the following day. We celebrated Thanksgiving at Ellie's preschool and then both preschool and "real" school was out for the Thanksgiving holiday. During this time period, I was literally LOST in the making of the Joelton Vikings year-end book. It turned out beautifully. I hope that years from now, these boys will find this accurately captures all our memories from this year as Vikings. Here's the cover.

Hours upon hours were spent finalizing the book, sending me into quite a frenzy so that the day of Thanksgiving I woke up very sick to my stomach and unable to leave the bed. Since I was the designated cook, Thanksgiving was cancelled. I probably slept 90% of Thanksgiving and felt awful that I had to cancel on my parents, husband and kids. I don't even know what any of them ate that day.

The following day was our (sixteen year) anniversary, and we spent the day driving to Birmingham for Josh to play in a post-season bowl game wtih the Donelson Warriors. We were so suprised to find that the teams were playing at Legion Field. The expression on the team's face as they walked in and saw the college-sized stadium was priceless. I may never forget that. My camera broke somewhere during the last several weeks and so there are no photos that I took, but fortunately, my friend Kelly was able to catch a few so we have some to "remember" by.

Josh was #33 on this team.

The Warriors ended up winning the bowl championship on Sunday afternoon. Here is a photo of Josh with the team's trophy.

We had a nice time in Birmingham and there was even enough "down" time for me to get a little "Day After Thanksgiving" shopping in at the local Walmart, Kohls and Walgreens.

And before we knew it, Thanksgiving weekend was over and it was back to school and work for all of us.

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