Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why I LOVE Consignment

One of the local sales has a holiday sale and I worked/shopped this week. I'm going to show you WHY consignment pays at our house!!

I found a Little Tree Train table for $25!! The least expensive "new" train table I found was $94 with many like this one running upwards of $200. This is the one I got. The kids already love it and are fighting over it. We still have all of Josh's wooden train sets from when he was little, so it's been great fun already!

This was my other SUPER HUGE bargain. It's a Fisher Price Kid-Tough DVD player (for Ellie, obviously). It retails for $198. It was in the original packaging with everything included, said it was used once, looks perfect, work perfectly and was .... $35!!!

One of our friends had bought Ellie the accessory kit for it for her birthday (ironic, huh?). So she is set for trips with her OWN DVD player that I don't have to worry about her dropping/breaking/etc.

Consignment rocks!!

I also picked up some Nike tennis shoes (looks perfectly new) for $4, a Barbie electronic cash register set, $6; a keyboard on a stand with stool (Ellie style), $7, 8 vintage comic books (for Josh) $4, three Barney DVDS (yes, she LOVES them) for $3 each. I LOVE consignment!

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