Sunday, November 21, 2010

There is a TEENAGER in our house!!

I have so many things to finish up tonight before I can hit the hay, but my job as a mom would be remiss if I didn't take the time to capture my thoughts on this most important day -- Josh's 13th birthday.

I cannot believe we have a teenager in our house now!! It seems like such a short time (some days) ago that he was Ellie's age and we had Braiden over everyday playing and we were starting soccer, then baseball and football. Where does the time go?

Last weekend, when we went to Owensboro, I had a cake made that we used to celebrate all the Vikings November birthdays. It was a cool cake.

We took him out on Friday night to eat with his grandparents. He got an Xbox for his present and was excited to get hom and start playing right away! Amazingly enough he "LOVED" us as soon as he saw the present. We were the "GREATEST". :-)

Today I made lunch for him with some of his favorites. After lunch he got some more Xbox time in and then he got to play his last game as a Joelton Viking. It was so bittersweet. I'm happy to be done with football, but knowing that we'll lose contact with so many people that we've spent so many years with is sad. This wonderful group of boys/young men will never come together as a team of Vikings again. The memories will have to be enough.

I begged Josh to let me take just one photo of him today. It was like pulling teeth. My camera has gone KAPLUT and so I borrowed a friends to take some football pictures tonight at the game. It was a bowl game called the Wounded Warriors Tournament. They raised between $6000-$7000 for wounded military, so this was a great endeavor. The Vikings won their age division and brought home another really cool trophy.

It's hard to tell, but this is Josh receiving his medal.

Time is slipping by quickly. He is closer to leaving than he has ever been. There's a lot I stil need to teach and share with him, to make sure he is ready. I suspect the next five years are gong to be way interesting -- in ways I can't begin to (nor want to) imagine. He's a good kid, though, and I know we will enjoy going through all our fun times to come as a family.

I love you, Josh. Happy Birthday, young man. Welcome to your teenaged years.

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Monica said...

Oh gosh. You're words about still having stuff to teach him touched me. I already have one at college this year. The night before he left I was overwhelmed with realization that my 18 years had flown by. You still have 5 years. Use them wisely! :)