Sunday, September 9, 2007

First Night of AWANA

Tonight was the first night of AWANA. I'm helping Michelle teach the 6th grade girls. I guess it would be the 6th grade, but no boys showed up. This makes me sad because there were several boys last year and I really enjoyed having them in class. Hopefully, they will come back sometime this year.
Tonight we had 8 girls in class. I was sad that none of "my" boys came back. Hopefully, they will come back later in the year.

Handbook time

I was so glad that "Emilemily" (see earlier post) - Emily and Kirstin were able to come tonight. Josh also brought Carson. Next week, Callie wants to come and hopefully, Braiden will be able to make it. Emily was a little scared, but of course, she is only 5. Afterward she told me, I think I'll keep going to my school. *sweet*

Emily and her Bible
I gave Carah and Cate their purses and hairbows tonight. They were TOO CUTE!!!!

The "big" girls modeling the purses for us

Carah and Cate get their purses

Carah's Purse

Cate's Purse

Brother Michael brought a great message about letting God take care of our problems and to stop trying to solve them ourselves (was he talking to me????). It was very age appropriate and I hope the T&T kids heard the message. I loved his example of the confused state of the Egyptian army who were chasing the Israelites across the Red Sea. You see, I KNOW God has a good sense of humor. He uses it on me regularly!

Michelle and I looked really excited???

I hope the kids have a great year. I hope I can encourage them in some way, be a good role model and have fun with them.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Research and Development that the bling on Cate's purse isn't up to a 3 1/2 year old's standards. She's loved it all off!