Sunday, September 30, 2007

East Bound and Down - Headed for South Carolina

I'm heading out this morning for South Carolina to start my project work. 500 inspections this week; home Saturday; leave Sunday to visit Kevin's brother, Steve, Angie and the girls (CANNOT WAIT to see them again!), back home Wednesday to catch up; leave Sunday to go back to South Carolina. 675 inspections. Back home for a week and then, possibly, one final trip to South Carolina to finalize project work for this year.

Thank you, God, for providing for our family--for providing a way to offset the costs of this adoption of Ellie. Thank you for giving us the desires of our heart. Thank you for the ability and health to work. Thank you for the opportunity you provided, the doors you opened, for me to have this work. Thank you for Ellie. If she is already born, Lord, please protect her; keep her safe, happy and healthy until we can get to her. Prepare her heart, and each of ours, to receive her into our lives. Help us realize how hard this will be on each of the four of us and grant us patience with each other. Thank you for Kevin, who is staying home with a son on crutches, a house that looks like an atomic bomb blew up in it and with all the day-to-day responsibilities that he will have to handle. Thank you for making him strong enough and capable and willing to handle it for our family. Thank you, Lord, for Joshua. He is the best son you could have ever blessed us with. We are eternally grateful that you allow us to be his parents. Help him do well with his crutches. Heal him, Lord, quickly and without pain or lasting damage. Touch his ankle and restore it. Thank you for my parents who are on "standby" to help out if needed at home. Thank you for my mom who worries about who will carry Joshua's tray at lunchtime. Lord, help her not have so much pain. Thank you for your Son Jesus, without whom I would not be able to spend eternity with You. Thank you for my church, my pastor, my friends and my life. Thank you for blessing me beyond measure. In Jesus name, I pray.

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