Friday, September 28, 2007

International Adoption Training Class

Tonight we had our first training session with our current agency. Since we were already scheduled for this session of classes we decided to go ahead and do them. The first and last class are in the office and the other 6 weeks are by email.

It was informative and I look forward to the next 6-7 weeks of materials so we can be more prepared for Ellie's arrival. Kevin is doing the homework -- GO KEVIN!!! -- since I've read much of this information over the past year while researching. We will both read and study the materials, however.

We turned in our "notice" tonight to our social worker that we are changing countries and agencies. Of course, we will still work with them for our homestudy update and our post-placement visits.

This training is a requirement for almost every agency and we have checked with our new agency to see if it will fulfill their training requirements. Fortunately, it will, so that's one less new expense.

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