Saturday, September 1, 2007

Vikings First Loss - Greenbrier 26 Vikings 7

Pregame photo:

What a tough way to start the football season. We lost.
Our kids acted like they'd never heard of the game of football -- well, many of them did. Kids didn't seem to know when to go on the field or when to come off. They didn't seem to know where to stand or what to do once they got on the field. It was a LONG hour and a half.

We were down 19 - 0 at the half. After the half, they seemed to pick up some steam and scored two touchdowns, one of which was called back on a penalty.
I didn't hear the coaches yelling at Joshua so I think he did o.k. He was quite reserved on the field, but did manage to have some good tackles in the second quarter. He came off the field and said it was HOT. It was truly very hot and his clothes were soaked through. Here's the only photo I have of Joshua being in on a tackle today. We did hear his name called on the PA several times so I know he did more, I just didn't catch it on film.

The 6-8 year-old team lost as well; I think their score was like 14-30. The 11-12 year old team lost in the last minute with an intercepted pass run back for a touchdown. Their score was 0-7. All in all, it was a stinky day for the Vikings. Let's hope next week is better when we play White House. I don't really hold high hopes for that game, but we will see. They are the team that knocked us out of the playoffs last year - the last game before Super Bowl.

I have almost EXACTLY the same photo blown up to a 11x14 and framed/matted in purple/gold with the word VIKINGS cut into the mat. I took it last year during the playoffs when Joelton beat Greenbrier. How's this for irony?

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