Saturday, September 8, 2007

Vikings Tromp White House - Revenge is Sweet

Ok .... lest I sound like one of those crazed football moms out for revenge on some innocent 9 and 10 year old boys, let me defend myself.

Joshua's football team did not loose a game last year -- not one. I heard yesterday that our team had won 22 games in a row over the past two years, only losing to Greenbrier last week. We were going to the Super Bowl or so we thought. In the last playoff game there was some drama and we lost to White House, a team we had beat during regular season.

Today was the "re-match". It was touch and go during the first half with both teams getting their hands on the ball but not making enough movement to keep the ball. We went into half time 0-0. I was not really impressed, to be honest, with the Vikings by half time.

I guess the coaches gave them the "magic" pep talk during half time. I was away snapping photos of the cheerleaders. However, when the second half came up, WOW! Those boys started hiting and passing and running -- just like the Joelton Vikings from last year. White House scored first and the score was 0-7. Joelton scored next but failed in the extra point attempt, leaving the score 6-7.

Right after that MY SON!!!! (yes, I'm a little proud-Go #74), dug in a pile of kids and recovered a fumbled ball. As he said, "Well, it was just there in between his legs." (How is it that he can dig that ball out but can't find his clothes laying on the bed??). This fumble was recovered at about the White House 5 yard line and the next play resulted in a Vikings touchdown. A two-point conversion caught by Jacob Catignani added on left the score at 14-7 with about 2 minutes left to play.

Joshua digging in to get the ball.

Fumble - recovered.

Shortly after that, Joshua tackled a kid (#80 who is FAST!) with the ball that was running wide open up the sidelines. Poor kid probably weighed 50 pounds dripping wet and was literally wrapped up and body slammed by Joshua. OUCH.

#80 carrying ball - note Joshua to his right behind him

Joshua under #80 -- now down

Those last two minutes were some LONG minutes. The final White House play took place with 6 seconds left on the clock and they were running hard with the ball before they were taken down and Joelton got their revenge for last year's game.

Here are some of my favorite photos from this game:

Jacob Catignani stretches to get a much needed first down.

Alec Harris leaps up to catch a pass

Bailey Baker heading head first to the ground by several White House players.

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