Friday, November 23, 2007


Caitlin was my second neice and I remember her as a little girl of two at Christmas when Joshua was born. She was wearing this cute little red velvet dress, white tights and a pair of black patent leather shoes. She had gotten a Tigger and was so excited.

And now, she is a young lady turning 12 in December. She has the most amazing smile, is so intelligent and has "to-die-for" thick blonde hair. As soon as she got to our house, she pointed out that she had gotten braces. She also told me what a good time she's had playing softball this summer. Her team came in second place.

My favorite Caitlin story from this weekend was watching her show her younger cousin Lauren how to work her Webkins cat on the computer and when her little sister Sarah came up and laid down on the floor beside her and snuggled up. Caitlin is a real nurturer and is going to be a great mother one day. She's also so very pretty.

Here is a photo of Caitlin (in the bright pink) with cousin Emily:

Oh, and she's a die-hard Tennessee Vols fan!

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