Monday, November 5, 2007

My God is Moving Some Mountains

This trip has been the POLAR OPPOSITE of the last trip to South Carolina. I had a GREAT day, completing 131 inspections and quitting an hour early. The weather was perfect, at 60*-70* all day. I didn't get lost, (yay!) and the day went well. The lady called to set up the closing for our equity loan today for our adoption and guess what -- since I'm here in SC, they are coming to my hotel to have me sign the papers. Is that convenient or what???? Kevin and I are both scheduled to sign our papers Wednesday - me here; him there.

AND THEN ... God revealed to me the confirmation that His timing is always perfect. In the midst of all the loan traumas and delays and lost appraisals and so forth, the loan processor, Natalie, said to me, "I don't know why this has taken so long, but I'm sure you'll eventually find out." She and I had shared our faith with each other one day and she has been praying for us about the loan and the adoption (how nice is that???). And then ... I found out exactly why.

Tonight, I gave myself an hour to eat dinner, surf the web, read email and blog before getting to work entering jobs. I had not looked at any of the China websites that I formerly frequented because I was spending time on Vietnam sites, trying to bone up on that. So, I went to Rumor Queen's site and read this:

And now, onto the subject at hand. A few agencies have been discussing the concurrent/interim adoption issue with the CCAA. It sounds like the final decision
in all of this is that it’s okay to do a concurrent adoption. And the CCAA has
been nice enough to put this up on their site.
And thanks to NJI13 for her translation, here:
The simple answer seems to be that concurrent adoptions and pregnancies
are fine, but that they want a “sufficient waiting period” between the children
joining the family. They do not state what this period is, so I’m guessing that
they are leaving that part up to the agency and social worker’s discretion.
I am pleased that the CCAA has addressed this publicly.
This statement was added to the CCAA website on WEDNESDAY, October 31, 2007. We were slated, originally, to close on the loan THURSDAY, November 1, 2007 at which time I had told our agency that we would give them the requested letter to PULL OUR DOSSIER FROM CHINA. Had we closed on the loan Thursday, I would have sent off the letter, along with our other documents on Friday. By the time I figured out that this was now a possibility, we would have already lost our place in line in China.

Effectively, what this is saying is that we can pursue an adoption from Vietnam while we keep our place in line in China and NOT LOSE THE MONEY we have already paid.
Does this make anyone else's arm hairs stand up????? It does mine!!! Man, I asked for a miracle and this is just a small part of it, I know -- God has changed the mind of a country and an agency. Unfathomable to me -- out of the ability of my mind to have thought that this was even a possibility!!!! Could there be two Latham girls coming to our family (watch out Josh!!)? Who knows -- I'm just going to roll with God. It's never a dull moment with Him, that's for sure. *big smile* He continues to amaze me with His ability to speak to me daily, to surprise me with more than I can imagine, to give me strength when I feel like there is none left in me, to provide for all my needs, to bless me beyond measure. I am so not worthy of all He does.
I CANNOT WAIT to see how all of this unfolds. To God be all the glory -- GREAT things He hath done.

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