Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Eve of Joshua's Birthday

Joshua's choice of birthday cake -- Cheesecake

Tonight is the last night my little boy will be nine. He will, officially, enter "double digits" tomorrow. How have ten year passed since he was born???? So many good times have gone the way of the past in those 3,650 days. In ten more years, he might be out of my house and on his own. I can't even get my mind to go there.

Today, he asked me to bring snacks to school for his birthday. Cupcakes, apparently, are not an "appropriate" snack (THANK GOODNESS -- remember the Halloween cupcakes? I surely didn't have time to make those again!!) so I took "pigs in a blanket" and muffins -- per Joshua's request. He told me the right time to bring it was between reading and math, so that's when I took them. I got the most sincere compliment tonight when he told me, "Everyone thought your pigs were as good at Matthew's moms'!!" Apparently, Matthew's mom has the market on pigs in blankets. I'm honored to be considered worthy of hers.

Tonight, we had an early celebration since I know things are going to get crazy tomorrow getting ready for Thanksgiving and all the family coming. I asked Joshua what kind of cake he wanted and he decided on cheesecake. Hmmmm... not what I would have thought. So, during my grocery store trip, I got a cheesecake that had five different flavors -- yummm!!! He and I had some turtle cheesecake. Kevin skipped out (for now -- I'm sure about midnight, he'll be in the fridgey getting some cake and milk). He also had wanted to go to eat at Matzatlan. Since we had to return his football pads and helmets tonight and I had the truck full of groceries, he and Kevin got takeout and we had it at home. Now, he doesn't actually eat Mexican food -- he gets cheeseburger and fries, everytime!!

We have been cleaning house -- hard -- to get ready for all the family. Kevin's brothers, Steve and Mike and their families will be here Thursday, along with Kevin's mom, my mom and dad, and Ann's mom -- total Thanksgiving eaters -- 18. We will have fun, I know.

And Thursday is Kevin's birthday too. I won't tell how old he is as that might be a secret, but it is a "4" number. I suppose I will have to send him out to get his own cake tomorrow. I'm sure it will be an ice cream cake.

Josh is a little under the weather. We took him to the doctor yesterday and was pretty much given an indescript diagnosis of "crud". I'm not sure if it's sinus or a cold, but we are just pretty much treating his symptoms (running nose and cough). I'm hoping it will be gone by Thursday.

Photos of Joshua's birthday "cake" and dinner are forthcoming. I'm tired and headed off to bed!

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Roy and Lori said...

I hope Joshua and Kevin had
a great birthday!