Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gotcha Day

Today is my "Gotcha" Day. Thirty-eight years ago, my parents brought me home. Today, my mom said she said to Daddy, "Remember 38 years ago how nervous we were?" She said he told her that he remembered that they couldn't sleep at all the night before and that they were so afraid I wouldn't talk to them. Apparently, they were told that if I didn't talk to them they wouldn't be able to bring me home. Seems like I had an issue with talking back then -- wonder what happened??? Seems like a dam broke somewhere along the way.

Since I'm not home tonight, I can't scan a picture of me when I was 22 months old to include here. Maybe I'll remember to do it when I get home. Instead, I'm including our last entire family photo, from Easter.

I look back on my adoption and the hand of God is clearly in each step of it. There were so many ways my life could have gone and yet He placed me with the parents who loved me and provided me a great life in a Christian home, who modeled values for me and who sacrificed their entire lives for me. My adoption story is a post for another time, as I'm tired tonight and need to get to some paperwork done, but it is truly a testimony of God's hand in my life.

The irony of my being here trying to earn money to pay for my own child's adoption is not lost on me on this day. But I have faith that He has this already taken care of as well.

While this is a really special day for me, I know, now, that it is a much more memorable day for my parents (since I can't remember it :-) ) and that the feelings they experienced on that day are just as real for them today as they were 38 years ago. I also know that I can't wait for my child's "Gotcha" day to come as well.

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Anita said...

Happy Gotcha Day Maria!!! That's so cool that you and Mark share it in both special ways. Blessings!!