Thursday, November 22, 2007

"It's Just Painting the Walls, Nana"

So, all of Kevin's family showed up today for Thanksgiving. It was so cool to have everyone at our house. It wasn't nearly as cramped as I thought it would be. We could have used more room, but no one complained.

When Ben arrived, I was busy getting things ready and in the kitchen and didn't pay good enough attention to him. He said, "Well, I've had a little body sculpting done." I looked up and gave him a really confused look. Then, I saw it. He had his eyebrow and tongue pierced. Hmmmm. Then he said, "And look here" and lifted his shirt to show me his tattoo. Apparently, he had the Greek letters symbolizing Jesus Christ put on his back. Well. I asked him, "Does your daddy know you did this?" He smiled and said he did.

At that time, Nana said, "Your body is a temple to the Lord" to which his twin brother, Ben, just promptly replied, "We're just painting the walls, Nana, just painting the walls."

I burst into laughter. I had never thought of it this way. I told him I was posting it to the blog.

While I know that this is something today's youth feels the need to do and that they think it's cool, I really hope Joshua never decides to do this. I'm sure I sound like an old "fuddy duddy" to them, but . . . I don't know, I just have some crazy preconceived notion about it, I suppose.
The boys have grown up so much, though. They are in college and Ben is going into the Coast Guard soon. I still remember them as the 7, almost 8 year old boys that were in our wedding. Where did time go. And now, here you are, almost 20 year old young men, in college and going into the Coast Guard. Time goes so quickly.

And, man, did I learn a lot from them this weekend. Ask me sometime!

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