Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ellie the Pellet Sneezing Girl

One day she will be mortified. I will still laugh about it.

Little Rascal Ellie found a pouch that Josh had his air soft pellets in and spilled them all over the downstairs floor. It's wood so they scattereed EVERYWHERE. There were two or three hundred of them. Kevin, Josh, Ellie and I picked them up and I suppose sometime while we were doing that -- or some other time for all I know ... Ellie poked some up her nose. WHY I don't know, but I guess because she's two and that's what you do when you are two.

She didn't mention it at all and hasn't acted peculular at all. Tonight as I was editing football pictures, I heard her sneeze and then the all-too-familiar, "ping, ping, ping" of a pellet bouncing on the floor. I looked up and saw *GROSS ALERT* snot with a red pellet sitting in the middle of it. HUH?

I cleaned her nose off and went to the back door to call Kevin back to the house. As he got closer I said, "Ummmm... Ellie is sneezing BBs out her nose." His look was probably just as priceless as mine was when I heard her sneeze.

We got a flashlight and looked in her nose and didn't see anymore and Kevin said that was probably all of them. Then he asked her to blow air out of her nose. She did and he "thought" there was nothing else, but a few seconds later, I saw what I thought was blood coming from her nose. Nope. Turned out to be another red pellet.

We called the doctor and went through some questions and she felt we were ok to wait until tomorrow morning to come in to see Dr. H. (who, ironically, is on call tomorrow). I love our doctor's office. They even have Sunday hours. Everyone I talked to on the phone got a real kick out of Ellie's story. I'm sure one day she will too!

I asked her when she put them in her nose and she said, "Last night." I asked her did she do it and she said, "Yes." I asked her if there were any more in her nose and she said, "No." Who knows. If there are more, I hope the doc has a sedative for one of us.


Mayme said...

Emma has been attempting to put a Cinderella shoe up her nose! What's up with that? These girls may kill us Maria. Good luck at the doctor.

Lori said...

Oh my. My brother, when he was about that age, stuck some beads from a plastic necklace my sister or I had up his nose. My mom freaked out. Called the fire department. They came, a fireman sat him on his lap, pushed one nostril closed and told my brother to blow. He did, and they came out. The same happened for the other side. My mom could have just tarred my brother, but felt worse that that's all they did to 'fix it'.