Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can you "really" change horses in mid-stream?

So here we are, seven months tomorrow into what appears to be a three-year wait for Ellie to come home from China . . .

. . . long pause as I think (ya'll go to the restroom and get a snack -- this could take a while!) . . .

. . . and NOW we are changing horses in mid-stream -- for the third time.

We spent a year and a half in a domestic program before we decided the wait was too long and God moved our hearts to international adoption.

We spent 11 months both waiting and preparing a dossier for China, before we decided the wait is just too long, the timeframes are so uncertain right now and God has moved our hearts to Taiwan.

I'm going to be really honest -- I don't care where my baby girl comes from -- I just want her to come HOME.

It all started with an invitation in the mail that simply stated -- REED IS ALMOST HERE. Reed? Reed who??? Who were these women at church having a baby shower for and WHO WAS REED???? So, I asked Kevin to look over it and he casually says, "Oh, yeah, the Lands are adopting from Taiwan." What??? When did this happen? Why didn't someone tell me about this???? So I "google" Jeff and Abbey Land and find LandLife -- their blog. I read and read and read. Then I rush out to buy FROG (fully rely on God -- see, I remembered!!) presents for Flat Reed to use until "real Reed" gets here. I never considered changing at this point. There was no "seed" planted -- AHHHH... or was there. God took the little "seed" of envy I had that they were coming home so quickly with their baby when I was, AGAIN, still waiting -- and would likely be until Reed started middle school. :-)

So every day I read about the adventures of Flat Reed (see link to the side). And one day, I read the MOST interesting thing. The Lands' social worker was MY social worker -- at the same agency. AND, my agency doesn't do adoptions from Taiwan.

There went the lightbulb (I should really look for some clipart of a lightbulb to go here!). The cogs started turning and I looked over to Kevin and said, "Did you know the Lands were using our social worker?" followed shortly by, "They're coming home with their baby in a few weeks -- they've only been at this a short time. Do you think we should look into this?" I googled and searched and read and read for a couple of days before calling our social worker. Let me tell you, BTW, our SW is FANTASTIC and has more energy than the Energizer bunny! WHEW. Anyway, we talked logistics and she gave me the number for the agency who handles Taiwan adoptions and told me to let her know what I found out.

Today, Erin called. She tells me that WORST CASE scenario, we could be home with Ellie, from Taiwan in 18 months. More likely case - 12 MONTHS!!! Can you imagine??? I still can't fathom this. I was "dug in" for a three year wait and it could be this time next year????? Still reeling from that.

We still have some logistical hurdles to overcome -- like the fact that we have fully paid our agency fee to another agency and we can't loose that amount. We are awaiting a response from the agency as to how much we would get back. That will pretty much determine if we can do this. We'll figure a way -- God willing.

SO... I'm a little excited tonight. Of course, I don't want to get my hopes too high, but I'm more optimistic about the timeframe now. I have learned so much about all of this in the past two days that I would have to type a novel to update, but I'll spare everyone. :-)

Looking forward to updating SOON that we are on the waiting list in Taiwan (which, by the way, usually means a referral in 4-6 months and travel 4-6 months later)! My mind is REELING with the things I'd have to get done . . . gotta' run -- there's a room to paint or something.

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