Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Centri-Kid Camp

Josh and Kevin went to Centri-kid camp in Spartanburg, SC this year at Converse college. I missed them SO much while they were gone -- but I did get the bathroom painted -- yay!!! Here are some of the MANY pictures Kevin took while there of the kids (and adults) from church. They are in the wrong order. After I was done, I didn't feel like re-ordering them. ENJOY! (Tip: Click on the small picture here and you'll see a large one on a pop-up -- it's easier to see them that way!)
Welcome home my guys!!

Warrior women!

Organized Mass Chaos - YUCK!!!

Studying God's word - Quiet Time

The Final Group
Last Minute Check-off List
All Aboard!

This really looks like TROUBLE!

Raring, ready to go

Kevin and Josh -- unpacked and armed with coffee!


Have pillow -- will travel.

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April L said...

I didnt realize you had a blog either. I am still learning. I love how you have yours layed out. I love the pic of Kevin and Joshua with the coffee! Too cute. Love, April Lyon