Thursday, July 26, 2007

Joshua -- Giving up TV????

Yesterday on the way to day camp, I said to Joshua that we had found a program where we might could bring Ellie home in a year instead of 3. He said, "I vote for that one!". I said, well, it will require some sacrifices on our part. Now, mind you, what I meant was that I would have to go out of town to do some project work to pay some things off more quickly than we had planned. Our "great plan" (Man plans; God laughs) is for me to stay at home with Ellie and do QA work from home -- like I'm doing now, only cutting WAYYYYY back and cutting out field work altogether. Ok, so, it's more like MY plan, but I'm letting everyone else buy into it with me ....

Oh, look, I got off topic.

So, in response to my having said we'd have to make sacrifices, he blurps out, "I'll give up TV for the whole year if that will help." Bless his heart!!!

He has just recently been learning about what things cost to run a house. We have started explaining how much a mortage is, how much cars costs, how much electricity is. He asked the other day if we had to pay for TV and we explained that we did. So, I guess he associated that with a way to make a sacrifice. Now, for those who know Joshua well, you will know that he LOVES himself some television watching time. Drake and Josh, Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Full House, Cory in the House -- basically Nickelodeon and Disney Channel shows -- he loves them all!! So this was a huge offering on his part. He truly does have a good heart.

I wanted to record this so when Ellie comes home, and he gets tired of her -- as he inevitably will -- I can show him how he volunteered to give up television for a year to get her home more quickly.

And, another story about Joshua's thoughts about Ellie. Today we were driving home from daycamp (we have the BEST conversations in the car) and he was talking about some boy at daycamp who was bragging about being rich. I asked him what made him "rich." He said, "Well, he has an in-ground pool, a big house, 3 dirt bikes and 4 - four wheelers." To which I replied, "His parents might be rich, but he is not. And... did you know we are rich too?" His eyes got big and he said, "How?" I told him we were rich because we had a house to live in, food to eat (we are never hungry), we are all healthy, we have a family that loves each other, we are all saved and will spend eternity together with Jesus in heaven AND we were going to get him a sister. He sat there a minute and said, "Well (kid's name) doesn't have a sister so I think I'm luckier." Then he said, "You know why I'm luckier?" I said "No, why?" and he said, "Because I'll get to boss her around because I'm her ELDERLY (no typo there, folks!!)". I stifled a laugh and said, "Well, if you want her to treat you like a king, you'll have to treat her like a princess." He said, "A PRINCESS???? Hmmpfff" and hopped out of the car and went into the house.

I can only begin to imagine the ride we are in for! *big smile* And I can't wait.

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