Monday, July 16, 2007

Long time, no update

How long has it been since I posted? I need to make this a daily thing -- it will surely improve my writing skills and let me look back with some reflection on our lives!

I just visited the site for Jeff and Abby Land, our former children's minister at FBCJ, and found their updates on their adoption for Reed (see a link to their site to the right). What a DOLL he is!!! It is so good to see God fulfilling their dream for a child. Their site led to me to Ben and Bethany's site where I was SHOCKED to see that Violet is now 8 months old!!! They have been back to Nashville and have moved to Austin. WOW -- God is sure moving them around! :-) Violet is SO beautiful. It makes me long for Ellie so much more.

The wait is coming up on seven months now and estimated to go as long as three years. THREE YEARS????? Why didn't I know that going in???? I know God has Ellie picked out for our family, but I'd sure like to have her while I'm still young enough to hold her. :-) Christmas 2009???? WOW.

So, I try not to dwell on it too much. I think of her EVERY day. And, when I see sites like Bethany and Ben's and Jeff and Abby's, it aches just a little bit.

On another topic, only three more weeks until school starts back. Where did THAT time go? I suppose that another way of God reminding me how quickly time really does pass. Josh starts football camp tonight. He says he wants to play soccer too -- can we really sacrifice that much time again for two sports??? He is pretty adamant about preferring soccer over football, but I know how well he does in football. We've decided to wait until after football camp to make the final decision. I hate to put us back in the HURRY SCURRY world we were in the last time we tried two sports at once. And then, there is the added fact of school work... that has to be his priority. Last year was a real struggle with school. I'm not sure how changing schools will affect this.

Kevin worked on staining the deck again this weekend. He has done a FANTASTIC job. He has put more hours in that deck than I would have ever imagined it would require. The thing is HUGE. I'll have to take and post some pictures of it soon. It looks really good. The "girls" are coming over Friday for GNO. I'll be glad that it's done.

It's time to get up the "little man" so he can go to daycamp and can get some QA work done and enter some of the work from the trip to Augusta entered.

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