Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Ellie" at church today

Today was a good day. I needed a good day. Church always makes me feel better, no matter what is going on, when I leave I am always glad I went.

Today, we were asked to teach the Pre-K 4 year old class. Now, "teach" is a relative term here. We hope we taught them something and made sure that before they left they could tell their parents they learned about "the son that came back home" (ie., the Prodigal Son). They were a great group of kids. One girl told me about the time when she was "little" (smile) when she was underground fighting with a dragon that had fire coming out of his eyes and how her daddy had to get a backhoe to dig her up and save her. WOW!!! And she's four.

Joshua helped us in class today, and he was such a good helper. He took care of snacks, passing out the sheets, playing with the kids, pushing kids on the swings. He has gotten to be such a little man! I'm so proud of him. When we got in the car he said he didn't really like playing dollhouse with the little girls. Kevin told him that's what his sister would want him to do and he said, "Well, she'll be my SISTER. I didn't even know this little girl." He's got such a good attitude, right now, about Ellie.

The best story was about a little girl who was new to class today. I think she might have come with her grandparents. She was very outgoing and wanted to play with everyone. I liked her. The first little girl I mentioned above was playing with some dolls. I asked her, "What's your doll's name?" She replied, "I don't know." And then the visitor said to me, "Her name is Ellie." I just stopped and stared at her. I said, "What did you say her name was?" She said it again, "Her name is Ellie."

So.... imagine my surprise. Of all the names she could have picked, she picked Ellie. A "God thing" -- most definitely. Another reminder from Him that we are doing what we are supposed to -- most definitely.

And shortly after that I said something to this same little girl -- off-handed, really -- about how Jesus loved her (she had done something nice I think) and she looked at me, really confused and said, "He loves ME?" My heart melted. I think, maybe, no one had ever told her that before. We take so many things for granted. I made sure she KNEW that Jesus loved her and thought she was beautiful and sweet.

Thank you, Lord, for letting me share that with this little girl.

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